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True Confessions: 10.

"Forgive me Father..."
"...for I have sinned."
And gravely so. True Confession of my soul:

10. Remember that one time when I was Addicted?

Well. I was going on this trip to see my sister (I'll blog all the deets about that. Promise!), and knew that based on how things would go my family would leave and I'd still be sitting at the airport in St. Louis. For like 3 hours. Le sigh. And they don't ascribe to the whole "free internet" thing the rest of the world kindly does.

So I knew I was going to be: BORED. And I didn't want to read... because that's what I do on planes. And with 6 hours of flying ahead of me... no reading.

So I maybe splurged right before I left and got the Second one! *SQUEE* It totally came out this summer, but only on the DS, so I was safe.

But recently, my good friends over at Steam got it.

And then I bought it.

And now...

I may not be blogging for a while. SUPER SORRY!!! It's. Just. So. Friggin'. Addicting. SAVE…