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Nightmare in my life ^5

Just when we all thought it couldn't get worse... The post about Turtle visiting is in the works...but after that I opted to be done with lies and falsehood and leave Idaho behind. Who knows if I'll ever get my money?

So I moved a bit more south, back into Utah. Near Logan to be exact. Smithfield. I was there last in May and wrote this about going with my dad back to his roots. Now I live here.

The job hunt began. It was going well. I had applications out, and people were becoming interested. Then another level of disaster I could not ever have imagined...

I was walking home from the library last night and needed to cross Main St. so I could go home and have dinner with my grandparents. I waited patiently until it was clear to cross, because I don't like making a bunch of cars stop, and whose to even guarantee they all will, anyway? I was across three of the four lanes, then I suddenly turned my head to the right about half a second before being plowed into by a white car goi…

Nightmare in my life

So when I got back from Florida, I was looking forward to settling in and enjoying the rest of my winter in the mountains. I mean, I bought my snowboard and gear months ago! And I hadn't been snowmobiling yet either. When I landed in Boise on the 6th, my cousin Travis picked me up, which was odd, since Kels lives closer and usually gets me.

He took me to his house, made me feel welcome, and I slept in his 3-yr old's bed (since the kids and wife are in Montana). Next day I just sat at his house pretty much and did whatever I could find to keep me occupied while waiting for my uncle. I ventured out of the house once, but Trav lives in a very small town, and he's not near downtown either, so I had to walk pretty far. Found a pizza hut though and got some grub.

My uncle finally came late that night and we loaded up and drove off. By the time we got home I was beat and it was past midnight so I went to sleep.

January 8th, I woke up and went downstairs, excited to be back. Only I …

Absolving Resolving

So. Now that it's 22 days into January, I'm finally ready to approach January 1st.

And that whole...resolution thing.

Except that I hate it. And will not hesitate to admit that I don't understand what fuels it. Why is the beginning of a new year a time to lift and inspire yourself to do new and incredible things? I'm not trying to be prideful or vain in saying this, but... I usually do that on a daily basis.

I don't find anything particularly thrilling or exhilarating about the little number at the end of the date going up one more (and I'm not trying to be a pessimist about this either; just honest). Ooo! Now I get to write a NINE. I must vow to radically alter my life based on this minuscule-but-so-critically-important difference!

I mean you read what happened at my house on New Year's right? Whoopdela...blah.

So yeah. I don't really make resolutions. Should I resolve to resolve? lol But I want to just absolve my resolve instead and continue being me. …

Almighty Travelogue - Edition Last

DISCLAIMER: Ain't you figured it out yet?

January 4th, 2009 - Sunday
Being a new year church was now at a new time. 9am. EW. I dragged myself out of bed though I didn't want to, and I definitely didn't iron my shirt (though I got out the board and the iron). Whatevs. Sunday school was even worse than last week (if that's possible), and made me want to go inactive it was so non-spiritually enriching. And I even went to just the last 15 minutes of it. Before that I was sitting on the couch in the foyer with J and his friend. I try really hard to be non-critical, and understanding/accepting of all...but sometimes I just can't. It's the darkness inside me. People can be so naive. Some lady made a comment, "I’m really excited to study the revelations..." this was after the lesson was over and the teacher hadn’t called on her. She was like, "I want to study, blah, blah, blah," and you know she’s not going to. Priesthood wa…

Almighty Travelogue - Edition 5th

DISCLAIMER: Like hopscotch, only better.

December 31st, 2008 - Wednesday
When we finally woke up, Bro wanted to try out caching but I didn't have any of my stuff. So I ran home, dropped J, who wanted nothing to do with caching, and nabbed 'Stas. Then we hit UCF campus with the 4 of us, plus Bro's roommate, and roommate's girl friend. We hit 16 in one day and it was so fun. I'll tell you about one. Because we got the cops involved and this is a great story.

Inevitably when you are poking around a college campus with 6 people, you're going to get a little bit of attention. We were looking for a particular small cache hidden in a newspaper bin, which was being elusive. Roommate's girl friend looked, Bro looked, I looked WITH a flashlight, and then Ry made the find by poking his little head in there. We'd looked there seriously 3 times already! So right as we pull it out and I'm opening it to sign the log, a cop pulls up an…

Almighty Travelogue - Edition 4th

DISCLAIMER: Part 3 has bread crumbs.

December 27th, 2008 - Saturday
The morning was tedious, just like the day before. This time, though, when we asked my mom if she felt up to anything "family" she voted that we were finally going to have the picnic that had been planned since before I arrived.

I finally got my Christmas-present-to-myself in the mail and I was ready to be NOT in my house. I tried for like 3 hours the day before to get the nearby caches to download with no luck, but this morning I got up, plugged it in, and it worked fine, so away I went. Time to hit the walking trail behind our house. Ry and I made plans to meet up with my family all the way over in the park (about 4 miles away), then hit the road, armed with TBs, the GPS, scooter and skateboard. Time to go caching!

I won't bore you with details, but we had a blast treasure hunting and searching, though we couldn't find one, and almost gave up on some others. After about I…

Almighty Travelogue - Edition 3rd (Christmas)

DISCLAIMER: See part 2 about part 1. :)

December 23rd, 2008 - Tuesday
Merh. This day is going to happen in summary version, because I forgot to write it down before I forgot what happened. Oops.

Anyway, I'm sure it involved lots of present wrapping, and I know for a fact that I went shopping with my Mommers. And loved it. Because I love my Mommers and spending time with her! We were especially looking for a ring for my little sister that we didn't find the day before with my bros.

We went to a number of stores and malls and looked and looked and looked. We even went to KOHL's which is my mom's #1 ADDICTION. While we were at the mall (that I specifically selected for my bro J's present, I popped into a bookstore and nabbed book 3 of the trilogy I was giving him, so he'd have all three. Score. Eventually we found a ring that we liked, was NOT $100, and would fit her, and went home happy. I think I took my mom out to I had th…

Almighty Travelogue - Edition 2nd

DISCLAIMER: Still stands from part I.

After parting with Emmy and boy, I drove the icy roads back to Christi's (only like 5 minutes away, so no worries), and crashed.

December 20th, 2008 - Saturday
After sleep that went by way too fast, I drug myself out of bed to head for the Bob Evans, once again as tradition dictates. Breakfast with Melissa. We invited others, like Steph, but no one came. So it was just us two. She got biscuits and gravy like always. I got something that I don't remember, so it wasn't exceptionally delicious. We chatted it up for a good few hours, then went to her house to see Mommers and Dadders. After chilling and catching up with the 'rents, I went back to Christi's where she and Jess were hard at work constructing a gingerbread house. After getting the walls in the right places (Christi tried to make the roof pieces the walls) we realized that the instructions insisted we let each piece dry for 30 minutes. What?! …

Top of the Charts in 2008

Best Movie I saw for the 1st time in '08: Kingdom of Heaven.

Best Book I read for the first time in '08: Cormac McCarthy's The Road. (to be reviewed in an upcoming Travelogue Edition).

And with the induction of iTunes (which I still secretly hates in the depths of my heart) into my life, here are my Top 25 Most Played Songs:

25. Right Now by SR-71 (61)
24. Be Like That by 3 Doors Down (63)
21. What Have You Done Now (Extended) by Within Temptation (71)
21. Daylight in the City by Strata (71)
21. Storm by Lifehouse (71)
15. Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic (72)
15. Hanging By a Moment by Lifehouse (72)
15. You and Me by Lifehouse (72)
15. Time of Your Life by Green Day (72)
15. Salt in the Snow by The Classic Crime (72)
15. Adam's Song by Blink-182 (72)
13. This is Our Town by Broken Image (73)
13. Do It For Me Now by Angels and Airwaves (73)
12. Forgiven by Within Temptation (80)
11. Lifeline by Angels and Airwaves (82)

9. Apologize (Non-Timbaland version) by OneRepublic (83)
9. A Little&…