Nightmare in my life ^5

Just when we all thought it couldn't get worse... The post about Turtle visiting is in the works...but after that I opted to be done with lies and falsehood and leave Idaho behind. Who knows if I'll ever get my money?

So I moved a bit more south, back into Utah. Near Logan to be exact. Smithfield. I was there last in May and wrote this about going with my dad back to his roots. Now I live here.

The job hunt began. It was going well. I had applications out, and people were becoming interested. Then another level of disaster I could not ever have imagined...

I was walking home from the library last night and needed to cross Main St. so I could go home and have dinner with my grandparents. I waited patiently until it was clear to cross, because I don't like making a bunch of cars stop, and whose to even guarantee they all will, anyway? I was across three of the four lanes, then I suddenly turned my head to the right about half a second before being plowed into by a white car going about 50mph.

Someone hit at that speed should have died. Or at least broken their back. Or their neck, and been paralyzed. God caught me. And this is proof that he loves me, because all things considered, all that happened is miraculous. Especially when you consider that (according to witnesses, I don't remember a single thing) the impact threw me up onto the hood, across the windshield, over the top, and down the other side.

Landing on the other side of the car took all the skin from my right hip to my right shoulder and made it ground beef. Scraped/bruised/gone, etc. Also, the initial impact broke my right leg in 2 places below the knee. So badly that when they operated on it, they set the bones, put in metal rods, and then left the incisions open because of what they are calling "compartmental swelling" which could apparently swell to the point of closing off my circulation and me losing the appendage. So they just wrapped it in gauze which continues to bleed through and have to be changed. They are going to go in again tomorrow and look/clean it again, then maybe sew it up all the way on Tuesday.

Likewise, I scraped the skin on the left side of face, and got some stitches there. Also, the skin on all my knuckles on my left hand is gone. I guess I also have a mild concussion.

All things considered, it could have been much worse. Much, much

So I'm recuperating, but I'm afraid this is going to delay
things even more. Argh.

Please keep me in your prayers. If you want to come visit I'm at the Logan Regional Hospital Room #335. The direct phone is 435-716-3335. They have said there are not "set" visiting hours, but they prefer no crying 2yearolds after midnight, so plan accordingly.

Thank you for all your phone calls today, expressions of concern, and general worry for me. God made me into one tough cookie. So I have a broken leg, and some blocked memories, but that's about all. I'll get through this with your help.

Love you all,

PS, if they tell you that I'm not here you can ask for me by what they have dubbed my "trauma name": Minnesota Vikings Zzzlo. Go figure on that one. Supposedly it's so nosey media people can't get my info. But it kept some friends from calling me today too, so lame.


Kerry said…
holy crap!!

we were in the hospital too all weekend. a baby died. (not mine, but someone in my family.)

but I can pray for more than one thing at a time, and you need some prayers!!

get well, we'll be thinking about you!
Becca said…
You're joking right?

I'm sure you wish you were joking. Get well soon.
Mrs. Jones said…
Hey friend! So....just a little fyi to you. My phone has officially died and was buried...sad day. However, my new phone should be here today sometime and I need your number!!! Tonight text me, or write it as a comment on my blog. Loves!
Bookworm said…
Get well!
Praying for you in Provo,
Kerry said…
David!! I made up a totally inappropriate song for you! You sing it to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb" and it goes like this...

I feel like I got hit by a truck
what the f@#k?
what the f@#k?
I feel like I got hit by a truck
what the
what the
SpAz said…

I love it! But I like Sam's version better I must say. That one makes me HAPPY. ;)
Kerry said…
Sam's version *is* pretty good...

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