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I need to blog. I want to blog. I just can't find the energy or the strength. Yes, I realize it's pretty much February, but I still need to end 2009 officially on here, and start into 2010 (which has been pretty great so far! :D)

Having a full-time job just really puts a crimp in my motivation "after-hours." Okay, I won't lie, it pretty much obliterates it. Especially when on top of doing your regularly-scheduled job you have to try and figure out how to crawl yourself (read: your company) out a pit 40 ft deep because the last 4 people who worked your position didn't do ANYTHING (though they adamantly stamped and recorded and said that they did).



See? This is what happens when you get an addiction, take an internet break, and "unplug."

When you return to your senses and come back your Google Reader has 260 new items in it. Ughhhhh...

I should have taken a picture as proof. But I just started reading instead. *Shrug*

True Confessions: 9.

"Forgive me Father..."
"...for I have sinned."
And gravely so. True Confession of my soul:

9. I'm Addicted. 100%

Pretty much every free second since New Years' (when I first opened it), has gone to this.

I would feel badly about this, except for the part where it pretty much won every award possible.

Therefore I feel justified and refuse to repent.

So that's why I haven't returned your call, or texted you, or been on Facebook of late, and also why I haven't touched any of my email, reader, or... oh yeah, my blog.

I was all set to do my Year-end posts and be gung ho about the New Year... then I got sucked in.

I'm totally already level 50. Heh.

PS. They may or may not be coming out with a 2nd one...