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Summer 2011 - Chapter 2: Zion's National Park

To usher in more of Summer, we decided that we needed that all-important trip to a National Park. Last year I took Turtle to Capital Reef. She had a blast. But she'd always wanted to see Zion.

So this time it was going to happen. Turtle was getting ready to move (more on that in an upcoming post), so we knew this was our only chance. Joshy decided to join us, and we were more than happy to have him along for the ride.

I asked to leave work early as early as possible (to which my boss laughed. Me leave early? HA). My boss was in a strangely good mood and stopped what he was working on and started getting out tour books and maps and telling me all about where we should go in the park (I never even told him that's WHY I wanted to leave early... he got the info through the grapevine). I was super taken aback. Then, even funnier, he went to lunch and when he got back he was like WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! LOL When I asked to leave early I meant like 3pm. Not 11am. Why would I come to w…

Summer 2011 - Chapter 1: Birthday Boy

Part of the reason I have been so lax in my blogging is that it's summer. And I ALWAYS sucks at blogging during summer, because it's awesome outside, so I hate being in my house, which means I can't be bothered to be around typing about all the wonderful things I'm doing! Seriously people! The sun is calling me! I'm really good at blogging in the winter though, as the beginning of this year proved. But I don't like being more than 6 months behind with the events in ye ole life either, so. I'm just going to have to make sacrifices.

Bring on the summer of 2011! WOOO!!!!

First event - my birthday. Well, technically that's in Spring, but whatevs. Last year Turtle rocked the awesome boat with surprise laser tag and werewolves. Rounded with an enchilada party by my former roomie. I had no idea how 2011 was going to shape up. But I wanted something fun, low-key, yummy, and amazing.

So I decided to have a party at Faustina (voted best restaurant of 2010 by me) wit…


Wow, it's taken a while to get going with Movies in 2011. Halfway through I decided to start putting the dates I saw them, so people have a better frame of reference for how soon or (more usually the case) how late I saw them. Anyway, here are the first 17 movies to cross my path in 2011. Enjoy!

Charlie St. Cloud - Grade: B-. I was actually really excited to see this movie, even though it was Efron (not an oogling, drooling fan). The trailers made it look soooo good. The movie itself was alright. I was not super emotionally invested, so it didn't hit me super hard, but it wasn't completely flat either. There were a couple points where I thought they were going to ruin a good story with some crazy Sixth Sense-esque twist. Which would have upset me AND been really cool. Bottom line: it wasn't bad. Not great, but wasn't bad.

The Mothman Prophecies - Grade: C. Wow. This movie was NOT what I was expecting to be at all. I am so glad that my friend A was over to watch with …


Today I am celebrating LIFE.

I found this video on youtube and have watched it 9 times so far. I think it's just gorgeous.

I think it's so cool to see a representation of our Earth in this way. Granted, it ignores alot of the squalor, plight, and tribulation our planet faces, but I think it's a really neat depiction of who we are as a global entity, not countries who disagree and have strife with one another. I think we, and the earth, have so much to offer in our diversity, eclecticism, and natural grace, beauty, and strength.

I found it very interesting to see that there were only 3 brief shots of industrialized countries. I think we too often forget how much more WORLD is out there, that we do not partake of on a regular basis. Today I'm thinking of that and appreciating the nature and beauty that I am surrounded with.

Why don't you take a moment and do the same. Because it's all around you - you just have to remember to look for it.

End of Tuesday

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But really... I will blog.

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Just wanted to drop a note so the silence doesn't kill off my lovely readers (especially the swarm of new kids (welcome!) who have just started following).

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