Summer 2011 - Chapter 1: Birthday Boy

Part of the reason I have been so lax in my blogging is that it's summer. And I ALWAYS sucks at blogging during summer, because it's awesome outside, so I hate being in my house, which means I can't be bothered to be around typing about all the wonderful things I'm doing! Seriously people! The sun is calling me! I'm really good at blogging in the winter though, as the beginning of this year proved. But I don't like being more than 6 months behind with the events in ye ole life either, so. I'm just going to have to make sacrifices.

Bring on the summer of 2011! WOOO!!!!

First event - my birthday. Well, technically that's in Spring, but whatevs. Last year Turtle rocked the awesome boat with surprise laser tag and werewolves. Rounded with an enchilada party by my former roomie. I had no idea how 2011 was going to shape up. But I wanted something fun, low-key, yummy, and amazing.

So I decided to have a party at Faustina (voted best restaurant of 2010 by me) with all my friends. We booked their private room, and my favorite server, because you can't have a party without HER!

That place looked amazing. The tables were all set up in a horseshoe shape and I got to sit in the very center, and just be loved. Balloons!

So many people came to the party! It was so great to see all of them and feel so loved!

After we ate, I totally tried to get a dessert and was talking it up to everyone. But they all said they'd ordered dessert already and I totally didn't clue in, so I ordered one anyway. Silly me. Because of course Turtle got me a birthday cake!!!

After we had delicious, it was time for presents! Woohoo! People had been bugging me about what to get, so I finally broke down and made a list, even though it was all for naught. Turtle had totally been conspiring with all my friends for months.

Jas gave me a homemade card (cute!) and movie tickets:

M&M got me WEREWOLVES (finally). LOL, I was supposed to get it last October but the give-it-to-me-via-halloween-costume-contest idea backfired. :P

Then came the kicker. Turtle's conspiracy revealed. There had been a posterboard up at the bar (hidden!) where as people came in they signed it with a love note and taped some $$$ to it. Then it was presented to me as a Friend Couch Fund!

(It looks kind empty at the initial presenting because alot of people hadn't known where to find it, so they signed and taped after the fact). I'm TOTALLY okay with that.

Such an AWESOME GIFT!!! Thank you to each and every one who contributed. Y'all's rockstars!

With the help of my friends, I was able to purchase a magnificent corduroy sectional on Memorial Day. It's pretty much my favorite! It came with 12 pillows!! SQUEEE. I slept on it every night for the first week I had it (except when other people were crashing on it >.>)

[picture of couch forthcoming]

So all in all, my birthday was FANTASTIC, everything I wanted it to be, and more. I am so thankful to have so many awesome people in my life who love and support me and that I am proud to call "friend."

Thanks for such a memorable night. Here's hoping for many more just like it!


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