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Summer 2011 - Chapter 4: Goodbye Turtle :(

Summer 2011 - Chapter 4: Goodbye Turtle :(

First: Apologies, because I am so far behind T_T
Second: Apologies, because there are no pictures to go with this chapter. Turtle and I didn't do anything picture-worthy...

Turtle and I had known this day was coming for a long time, and finally, it had arrived.

Time for Turtle to leave Utah. :(

I don't really remember anything about the drive, other than it being its normal long-ness and listening to music. We made good time though and got in around midnight, where we were greeted by the most annoying bird. EVER. Now, I'm not a huge pet person, but pets that ANNOY are decidedly on the bottom of my list. The stupid thing squawked ALL NIGHT LONG. He would not shut up for one second. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep.

When I'd had enough, I demanded she get up and call her mom to come right then or I was going to kill the thing. We had to finish up The Last Battle before we could start the book she was dying to read. We a…

Summer 2011 - Chapter 3: Pittsburgh!

So the very next weekend after going to Zion's (now 5 freaking months ago T_T), I packed my bags and flew across the country to visit two of my Besties from High School, Em and Mel.

Super exciting for me because I had not since these girls forever! (And by forever I mean Fall 2009 when Em got married. But still). I had *never* been to visit either of them where they were living, and I had never actually been to Pennsylvania (other than maybe driving through it(?)), so this was an extra exciting trip for me.

When I got there, there were squeals and laughing and smiles and hugs and a bathroom break. Then we started driving around and as I looked out the window I realized how much I miss my East Coast. SO GREEN! The trees were gorgeous. They gave me a brief driving tour/view of the City before we went back to Em's to drop off our stuff.

We hung out for a bit ad watched some GANGLAND (just because). Then when it got a bit later we decided to go get some eats and maybe do some shopp…