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Into the Now - Fall 2009, Part Tres

The moment I got back from Ohio, it was pretty much Turtle's Birthday. Which means my time to shine, because I'm awesome at birthdays (especially when 1) you're my best friend and 2) I know you better than you know yourself, and 3) you live the same place as me. Heh. Birthday pretty much owned). I got her a computer game from my Childhood (since she'd been so taken with MYST), King's Quest.

Actually I got the collection of all 7, and so we spent most of the day just playing that, enjoying ourselves. She loved it. Then we went out to a very elegant restaurant for dinner, where she ordered whatever she wanted, and I got her a super yummy dessert.

The very next night we hung out with the S Family to carve pumpkins, which is always a blast for me.

Now I will admit to being something of a pumpkin snob, and with good reason if you've seen any of my pumpkins.

Turtle's Pumpkin:

Last year I carved three pumpkins (I lived in a backwoods lodge and had tons of free time - …

Into the Now - Fall 2009, Part Dos

Grin. Disclaimer. Grin. I wish I had time to upload all 70 photos from my trip, but I don't. You can see them all here.


After what seemed like months of agony, discomfort, and incredible bad luck, I needed a freaking break.

And Ohio was just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday, October 20th
I got up butt early to get on a plane. Most of the time I spent reading. At the time, I was in the midst of Deborah Davis' Not Like You. As the plane descended into Ohio, I was overcome with a feeling of giddiness and elation. Home. TREES!!! FALL COLORS!!! I remembered to turn onto Sawyer to get to Broad Street, and then as I drove the memories just flooded back. Everything, everywhere, pieces of ME. I love this place so dearly.

Of course I visited my old neighborhood. There's so much growth and change in my little town, it's definitely becoming full-blown suburbia. But thankfully, some things haven't chan…

Into the Now - Fall 2009, Part Uno

Heh. I totally have a DISCLAIMER. Even better? It still applies. :)


So my summer of traveling began to wind down *tear.* And I was once again faced with the reality that I was a) jobless, b) still hadn't done anything about that "Grad School Thing" somewhere on the horizon, and c) I felt relatively directionless when it came to my life at large. But I blame that partly on someone trying to kill me and the subsequent lawsuit keeping me tied to this glorious (heh) State.

One weekend Turtle and I did take another trip, (this one not nearly so far or extravagant as the previous) to Rexburg. Prior to this trip, I had been their only once with some co-workers for a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip because one of my co-workers was trying to hook up with at girl at the I.

1) It was so cold my nose hairs froze and made me never want to return.
2) Genius broke his car key in half trying to turn it in the frozen door…