Into the Now - Fall 2009, Part Uno

Heh. I totally have a DISCLAIMER. Even better? It still applies. :)


So my summer of traveling began to wind down *tear.* And I was once again faced with the reality that I was a) jobless, b) still hadn't done anything about that "Grad School Thing" somewhere on the horizon, and c) I felt relatively directionless when it came to my life at large. But I blame that partly on someone trying to kill me and the subsequent lawsuit keeping me tied to this glorious (heh) State.

One weekend Turtle and I did take another trip, (this one not nearly so far or extravagant as the previous) to Rexburg. Prior to this trip, I had been their only once with some co-workers for a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip because one of my co-workers was trying to hook up with at girl at the I.

1) It was so cold my nose hairs froze and made me never want to return.
2) Genius broke his car key in half trying to turn it in the frozen door lock, so we pretty much were stranded. All our stuff of course was still in the car.
3) I may or may not have ended up making out with the girl he had made the trip to try and win over. Oops!

Anyway, enough about the past! This trip was to attend The Fall Into Books Literature Conference. And we went with Guy Francis. Who rocks. Just saying. Why would I drive all the way to Idaho just for a conference? Don't worry, I'll get there. We arrived in time for dinner and ate at Applebee's. One of two restaurants Rexburg has. Then we went and played some Laser Tag. Bliss.

We stayed the night with one of my good friends who was kind enough to open his home to us (thank you). And then, the Conference. And the reason I drove roughly 300 miles to talk about writing. Two words:

Lois Lowry.

Oh yes. The same Lois Lowry who wrote your favorite books The Giver and Number The Stars. Here's my proof:

I'm in love. Her speech was so great, and so funny. She even made a joke about the show "Big Love" and then paused and asked aloud if this was the wrong audience for something like that, which of course only had me and Turtle laughing even harder. Half the people didn't even get the joke.

Since we'd had Applebee's the day before, we decided (naturally) to have lunch at the OTHER restaurant in Rexburg: The Ghetto Taco... Bus? WTH?! Yup, you heard right. Taco bus:

The ride back was great convo and great times were had by all. Definitely worth it. Afterward, the passage of days resulted in alot of turmoil and chaos - much of which I will refrain from relating. Suffice it to say that my living situation rapidly dissolved until I was living in a shed in my friend's backyard. Yup, you heard right. Which thankfully had electricity, but not plumbing. We would have used my friend's house, but they were all deathly ill at the time. So the first whole day of living in a shed entailed going to church without shoes (I couldn't find them... all my stuff was packed in less than an hour). The topic of the lessons were on bringing in the saints from the plains (helping those in need), which Turtle used to ask some random lady for a place to shower and a home-cooked meal. This worked out nicely, and I am very grateful to those people whose names I don't even know. Once the weekend was finally over, we managed after a few hours of hunting to find an apartment that would take us. Thus began my Adventures in Urbania, and the experience of being Beyond Poor. Things increasingly weighed on us considering our unwavering unemployment.

For a while, life really was a waking nightmare.

What didn't make it onto the blog was being treated to a nice restaurant and having red wine dumped on a very expensive outfit (acquired pre-poorness), losing my attorney after 9 months (he simply one day sent an email saying he was too busy and bye-bye!!!), as well as the turmoil of sorting out my far-too-complicated-to-comment-on-personal-life, getting screamed at by people I consider very close to me about the wrongness of the decisions I was making, and no sooner did I have everything together to get a new lawyer then my phone was stolen! Really, it was unbelievable. There were a few days where by the end, I simply said to myself, "The only way this could get worse is if I get run over again." Some days I even expected this to come to fruition.

Even though we had an apartment, we didn't have very much. Especially not in the way of furniture. I crafted a TV stand out of all our luggage (since our storage space is oh yeah, zero), we went to my grandparents to get my dresser and bookcase (I didn't even remember I owned a dresser), and they were kind enough to donate a fold-up table. At a party in Provo we managed to snag two chairs. Once all my books were out and in their place, I felt alot better about myself.

For the first month or so we simply had all the blankets down we could and slept on the floor. Then thanks to the wonderful T Fitz we finally got a pair of box spring mattresses and have been content ever since (although it's still pretty cold that close to the ground). We are simply happy to have a place - which ended up working out perfectly for us because it's like 15 minutes from EVERYTHING. Except Provo. lol

I started doing a little temp work, but nothing substantial, and then finally (planned eons ago), the time had come.

I was going, literally, to my BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING! That meant a trip to my hometown! Yay OHIO! But that will have to wait till next post... (which will not be such a downer, sorry. Now you see one of the reasons I stopped blogging :P)


Bravone said…
Glad you're back blogging.
Randi said…
Louis Lowry!!!!??? Jealousy....

I miss you.
Becca said…
Whoa! I've heard a lot of this story before, but not the part about meeting Lois Lowry. That is so cool and I am so jealous, except for the part about it being in Rexburg. Also, the makeout story sounds interesting.

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