Into the Now - Fall 2009, Part Tres

The moment I got back from Ohio, it was pretty much Turtle's Birthday. Which means my time to shine, because I'm awesome at birthdays (especially when 1) you're my best friend and 2) I know you better than you know yourself, and 3) you live the same place as me. Heh. Birthday pretty much owned). I got her a computer game from my Childhood (since she'd been so taken with MYST), King's Quest.

Actually I got the collection of all 7, and so we spent most of the day just playing that, enjoying ourselves. She loved it. Then we went out to a very elegant restaurant for dinner, where she ordered whatever she wanted, and I got her a super yummy dessert.

The very next night we hung out with the S Family to carve pumpkins, which is always a blast for me.

Now I will admit to being something of a pumpkin snob, and with good reason if you've seen any of my pumpkins.

Turtle's Pumpkin:

Last year I carved three pumpkins (I lived in a backwoods lodge and had tons of free time - what do you want? I needed a god distraction). I was not so ambitious this year. But here's what I ended up with:

And here's all of us together with our finished products:

Actual Halloween naturally involved us hitting the club. Goth Dancing goes to new levels on Halloween and there is never any room whatsoever to dance. I won't post pictures here, but those interested in our Halloween hilarity can click here (Disclaimer: Not all pictures in this album are PG).

November arrived and I went with Turtle to hang out with her uncle, and joined a Critique Group to help encourage me to write. We continued our outings from playing Werewolves to Chastity Parties (don't even ask) to service wrapping shoes for Kids for Christmas to a 1920's Speakeasy Mocktail Party. I couldn't find a good Mobster outfit so I settled with this:

Pretty dang authentic, if you ask me. Which you did. That party was so fun. I met new people, crashed at some random house and stayed up pretty much the whole night playing HALO. Ah, these are the days.

We went to Logan and visited all my old friends who now live up there, which was a blast, and even got in some bowling. I got a 188. Yeah, you heard right. I've always been way to into bowling. I got pretty good, but then there was that time I almost died... so I've sucked since. First time I went I couldn't even do it because it hurt too much. Second time I got like a 100. Blah. But now. Now I am BACK. 188!!! YEAH! That's a good game. Turtle and Brent are my witnesses.

We went clubbing (Hiphop) which was weird since we're so used to Goth. But we brought the Goth style to the floor and most people were amazed because they hadn't seen it (of course... they don't go to goth clubs). The 2nd time we went we danced to What'cha Say - By Jason Derulo Ft. Imogen Heap, and literally, the WHOLE CLUB just watched me and Turtle tearing up the floor. LOVES IT. Birthdays, weddings, receptions, you name it, we attended it. Busy, busy, busy. But that's the way I like it.

And finally, Thanksgiving. A time to celebrate and give thanks for all we have. Including my life. That one I'm still partly working on. For the first time ever, I had it without family. Usually I'm with my grandparents, or last year I went to my Aunt's, this year it was all about us and friends. Gwen and Di came down from Colorado to hang with Joe, and we were invited. We had so much fun!

I made my mom's famous ranch dip (it's not the holidays without that dip), asparagus, honey cinnamon mandarins, an orange salad, and deviled eggs. Yum.

Gwen, Di, and Joe handled pretty much everything else.

I think we did a pretty good job for ourselves.

And, of course, the holiday wasn't complete until we went Goth Clubbing. Because that's what you do on holidays that fall on Thursday. Duh.

After Thanksgiving, the weekends of events continued and at some point Winter arrived. But that's next post.


Randi said…
Your pumpkin rocks my socks. And yes you can make that statement an innuendo if you would like...although I'm not quite sure what that would even mean.

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