So after yesterday's library debacle, and being so blatantly shut down, I was a little miffed. Did I mention that I walked 6 blocks to get there in the first place? And then had to walk 6 blocks back without anything? Yeah, uber lamesauce.

I went back.

Library man: "Can I help you?"

Me: "Yeah, I came earlier to get a library card. But they wouldn't let me because I don't own any of these things (motioning to arbitrary retarded list). So I brought my Landlord (motions to Scott). Can I have a library card now?"

Heh. He didn't even have to show I.D. And I was so rude as to joke in front of the guy making my card, "Scott, quick, write me a lease agreement on the back of this envelope." :P

Pretty much just his presence secured my little plastic access. I now proudly wield my 15th Library Card. I move so much, I'm officially calling it a "collection."

I checked out 2 books, reserved 4 others, and of course got 8 X-men Graphic Novel anthologies. Because who doesn't love comics?

I broke down today and went to the library. Because I'm bored and want to read.

But apparently when it comes to borrowing something I'm clearly going to give back, my sly dodging of the radar and leaving a mark in the system becomes a problem.

So I was denied.

Wait, really? Denied? A library card? Yes. Really. Simply because I don't have:

A) A Utah Driver's License


B) Gov't ID (got that) *AND* one of the following:
1) Lease Agreement
2) Utility or Cell Phone Bill
3) Mortgage Papers
4) Property Tax Notice
5) Pay Check Stub
6) Gov't-Issued Correspondence
7) Enrollment Form for Medical Services or a Hospital/Doctor's Bill

Every other time I've applied for a library card all I needed was a picture of my face and an envelope saying, hey, I live here. What's up with all this extra security? This is a LIBRARY. I'm not applying for a friggin' LOAN or access security-encrypted files.

I just want to read books. FML

My summer has been rife with travel, adventure, pictures, great friends, and better conversation. But it hasn't been without it's down times, when I settle into to watch some action, adventure, or a love story. So here's to the big screen (even when it's watched on my small one)! I should also note that in this review (and subsequent) I'm expanding a bit from just movies to series that are canceled/ended I've watched in their entirety, as well as live stage plays which I've recently gotten back into attending...

The Giver (live play) - Grade C. I know, right? A live production of The Giver! We were so intrigued. We had to go see it. Had to, no options. They tried so hard to make this good. There were some things that were done okay, but really, Meggers and I agreed there was so much we would have done differently. The lead was way too old to be believable as a kid. There were scenes they did that we could have done better. They didn't even have a real baby. It was so blatantly obvious that it was a fake kid. Sigh. The book is still freaking phenomenal, but maybe don't see it live.

Bolt - Grade: B. Didn't really intend to watch this one, but it was on, and the kids were cuddly, so I did. I was pleasantly surprised. There were funny moments, the plot was cute, and it wasn't completely horrible.

Hello Dolly! (live play) - Grade: B-. I enjoyed this much more than I did the actual movie with Barbara Streisand, firstly because it wasn't as long. Two of my friends played Barnaby and Cornelius, so that was a treat to watch also. It was theater-in-the-round which made it more difficult, but they pulled it off well. And the sets were beautiful.

Monsters Vs. Aliens - Grade: A. Went to see this one in the Dollar Theater on a whim with the Nicholsons and Meggers. I went into the movie with very low expectations, and was plenty surprised. This money is actually REALLY funny! I laughed so many times! The plot is cool, the jokes timed perfectly, and the animation top-notch. I might even be down with seeing this movie again.

Eagle Eye - Grade: A. Finally got around to seeing this one. It's one of those "you-can-only-see-it-once" movies and then it's not as cool anymore, but since it was my first time, I really enjoyed it. And this is the first time I think I have liked Shea's acting. So props for that.

AVP: Requiem - Grade: D. After the first AVP movie, and loving it, I was stoked they made another one. I mean do you remember the end of the other one? That epic battle?! Yes, so I was definitely excited. And then... it sucked. The plotline was so bad I think it may be on par with Twilight. I mean, just wretched. Nowhere near the ingenuity of the first. They pretty much decided to take a random city, have it sieged with Aliens, have everyone die, and oh yeah, there's a Predator guy too. BOO.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - Grade: C. I haven't seen any of the others, but it was on at my friends' house, so I watched. The movie was shot pretty dark, so that made it hard to see. And it was pretty dang gruesome too. So I didn't particularly like it, but I guess if you're into that, it was good.

The Illusionist - Grade: B+. This movie dragged a little, and there were parts that were downright boring, but at the end, everything came together so seamlessly that both Turtle and I said aloud, "WHAT?!?!" Incredible. The ending was sheer genius. What a twist! I'd say give this one a go if you've never seen it, and you like Sixth Sense-esque movies. I applaud the ending, just wish the rest was a little more solid.

Whatever It Takes - Grade: A+ This movie is so funny! It may even (GASP) rival Mean Girls. This one came first though, and sports James Franco and Shane West (Walk to Remember anyone?)Everyone should see this movie (though Blockbuster doesn't carry it anymore - which is a complete shame!). And once you see it, make sure you love it. Because it's just good. And hilarious.

Lady In The Water - Grade: A+. WOW. I bow to this movie. Because it was some of the most original story-telling I've been party to in a long time. Wonderful. The acting was great, the movie had humorous parts, and it was serious. And super cool/interesting. Maybe my fave M. Night movie of all time. And one I'm thinking of buying - which means you know it's topping my charts.

Step Up - Grade: B-. Center Stage was 100 times better. 'Nuff said.

Up - Grade: B-. Just going to be honest here. Not my fave Disney/Pixar team-up. Nemo and WALL-E get my vote over this one.

Firefly (TV Series) - Grade: A+. Why was this canceled? Please someone give me a valid and legitimate reason for canceling this show!? It was one of the best shows I've seen in years! I feel like I'm overzealously using appreciative adjectives in this post, so I will forgo their use here and just say: Brilliance.

Serenity - Grade: A+. I have un-ending love for this movie. I have seen it more than 5 times, and I still love it. My favorite part by far is when River jumps through the blast doors to fight the Reavers by herself, and then the doors open and she's standing there holding the axe and it's dripping blood... oh, love, love, love. Summer Glau is a bomb actress. And this movie is definitely one I own.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series) - Grade: A+. Maybe the best kid series I've ever seen. I spent entire days watching this because I couldn't get enough. The animation, plot, humor - all of it is spot-on and flawless. Can't wait for the movie to come out!

Edward Scissorhands
- Grade: C. Meh. I wasn't very impressed with this movie. The concept of the character Edward was the most interesting part of the whole movie. Other than that it was just... yeah.

The Cure - Grade: B. I've had this on my "must-see" list for quite a while, but I finally broke down and watched it. Up until the last five minutes I loved this movie. What a great, emotionally-engaging adventure story! Only the final scene... ruined everything. EVERYTHING. I absolutely 1000% H A T E D the ending. And it made me mad at the movie. Mad, mad, mad. Because I think the ending should have been different, and I tried, but I can't get over it. The images and symbols represented in those last moments were critical to the whole movie.

Yesterday I went rafting on the payette. Here's some candid shots of me, Turtle, Tobias, and Justin.

Rafting rox.

We're the first 7 or so, just look for the orange hat. Enjoy them while you can, I don't know how long they will be up. :)

Ugh, I keep doing more and more and want to blog so bad. It's all piling up... I'm going to have to write an entire novel just to get caught up.

Seriously, though, it's not entirely my fault! Part of it is that I'm STILL waiting on photos that should have been sent more than a month ago. AGH. I can't give you the full recap experience without glossy shots of yours truly looking spectacular and doing wonderful things!

Keep biting your nails, leaning eagerly on the edge of your seat. The so-overdue-I-could-have-taken-the-class-again-by-now awaited updates WILL come.

'Tis only a matter of time...

...and getting those [insert. expletive. here] photos!


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