So after yesterday's library debacle, and being so blatantly shut down, I was a little miffed. Did I mention that I walked 6 blocks to get there in the first place? And then had to walk 6 blocks back without anything? Yeah, uber lamesauce.

I went back.

Library man: "Can I help you?"

Me: "Yeah, I came earlier to get a library card. But they wouldn't let me because I don't own any of these things (motioning to arbitrary retarded list). So I brought my Landlord (motions to Scott). Can I have a library card now?"

Heh. He didn't even have to show I.D. And I was so rude as to joke in front of the guy making my card, "Scott, quick, write me a lease agreement on the back of this envelope." :P

Pretty much just his presence secured my little plastic access. I now proudly wield my 15th Library Card. I move so much, I'm officially calling it a "collection."

I checked out 2 books, reserved 4 others, and of course got 8 X-men Graphic Novel anthologies. Because who doesn't love comics?


JackieE said…
I'm so glad you were able to get a library card. I was totally offended by their not letting you have one before. Happy reading!

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