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For my Grandfather

Today I wake
Knowing you are gone
Yet always here
In my heart
Which urges sorrow.

But I push past
Time spent
Experience shared
Memory cherished
And Life remembered.

I will mourn
The things lost
Because they will never
Be done by you again.

The buildings no longer repaired,
The poetry not written,
Gospel books never read.

The garden no longer tended,
The places not explored,
Wisdom never shared.

Yet all the while
I will celebrate
The memories
The remembrances
And the mark.

If you break me open
You will see
The impact
The influence
Now cradled
And offered
So others see you still.

You lived so rich and full
So tall and vast
So wise and gentle.

A man of duty, dedication, and commitment
To country,
To faith,
And to family.
None moreso than your dear Lorraine.

The best way I can honor you
Is to make your steps, my steps
Your deeds, my deeds
In essence, your life, my life.

I salute you
And celebrate you
By continuing to be Me,
And in so doing,
Reflecting You.

In you
Of you
Through you
The mark

I Carry
In me

Grace of a Girl - Part 6: Graduation II (The Difference) and Beyond

Part 5.

After the students and staff spoke, it was time for my parents to share their part in what the Graduation program called the "Journey of Vulnerability."

This was really hard for my mom because she's an amiable personality who doesn't like the spotlight. She prefers to not draw attention to herself. But, she said, if my sister can jump off a 4 inch beam to go after her success, then my mom supposed she could speak. Recognizing her nervousness, my sister moved closer and put her arm around my mom in solidarity.

My mom said she was going to read a story, a true story. "A long time ago, there lived a little girl. She had three big brothers, but she longed for a sister-" My mom choked up. My sister whispered some words of support in her ear. My mom continued, "She had friends, but that didn't stop her wishing for a sister." She choked up again, and exclaimed that she couldn't do it, and was once again reassured by my sister. Seeing my Mom…