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Hope for the Future

I know, I know, I know! You all miss me terribly. Where are the anecdotes? The funny quotes? The adventures?

Well, that's just it. The adventures are daily, the anecdotes many, and the quotes stockpiling rapidly. There has been no break, nor breath, just one after the other, after the other.

But please. I'm giving you this time to PREPARE yourself. To accomplish that which you have been putting off, so that when the day arrives anew, you will be READY.

Because wow, the posting inundation is going to be OVERWHELMING. Stellar. Stunning. Breath-taking.

TIME-CONSUMING. But I will make it worth it. I promise you this.

My blog is not dead. I am not ended.

I'm just PARTYING SUMMER 2009! Woo baby!

Addendum: Coming Soon

I was told by a friend recently that she believes blogging is for when you're bored and not busy, so it's permissible that I'm not blogging as much because it means that I'm busy, and occupied, and thus, not bored. Which also means I'm happy.

So that's my part 2 lame excuse for why I'm not updating. I promise when I get back from Cali next week that I'll try and take some serious time and update you bloggy buddy. I'm doing so much and meeting so many people! Eee.

Coming Soon

Eesh, I need to blog!!! There's so much to tell you bloggy buddy! The last three weeks have been so whirlwind, I almost died. Well, not like got-hit-by-a-car died, but close. Give me another day or so to recuperate (and play on FB. Join me!) and then I'll be good to go. And prepare yourselves, for these upcoming posts will be LONG and ADVENTUROUS and FULL of EXCITEMENT! (and there will be piccys! woo piccys!)

Huzzah! Ness.