Hope for the Future

I know, I know, I know! You all miss me terribly. Where are the anecdotes? The funny quotes? The adventures?

Well, that's just it. The adventures are daily, the anecdotes many, and the quotes stockpiling rapidly. There has been no break, nor breath, just one after the other, after the other.

But please. I'm giving you this time to PREPARE yourself. To accomplish that which you have been putting off, so that when the day arrives anew, you will be READY.

Because wow, the posting inundation is going to be OVERWHELMING. Stellar. Stunning. Breath-taking.

TIME-CONSUMING. But I will make it worth it. I promise you this.

My blog is not dead. I am not ended.

I'm just PARTYING SUMMER 2009! Woo baby!


I just gave you a nod in a little post I added to my blog...check it: http://thefinderofthings.blogspot.com/
thack said…
Spaz, love this post. All of the parallelism rocks.

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