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Busy Bee

Dang, I was doing so good! Got caught up on my summer and was ready to dive into fall... and then I didn't get to it. I think alot about my blog and the lack of time I have to write meaningful things anymore. I've sort of settled into a routine, which is fast-paced, but not without time to relax (so it's not like I'm back in college), but it doesn't leave much time for substantial things such as my blog (we're not even going to talk about my neglected journal). I'm hoping that will get shaken up soon... so I can get back to this.

I *FINALLY* got the pictures I was waiting for! So expect an edit to Summer T-log 1 for the addition of those...

Other than that, know that I am alive, and, for the most part, pretty happy. :)

Summer of Sun Travelogue - Edition 3rd



August 20th, 2009 - Thursday
Scout-camp and two kid-dominated days were behind me. That meant it was time to be on the road again for another summer road trip and adventure. This particular adventure introduced us to a new friend, J (hereafter NFJ). We were initially going up for BillyBob's wedding in Boise, but NFJ was going on to Seattle after, and I couldn't turn that down. We got hooked up with him because he was BillyBob's MTC companion; he loved having me and Turtle along for the adventure. We promptly scandalized him I'm pretty sure in the first two minutes by grilling him on kissing, techniques, attributes, and yeah, pretty much everything we could think of about kissing. Quite the lip-locking conversation. Bwahahaha

We made it to Boise in the early evening, and the goal was to meet up with some old friends. But nothing ever goes as planned, does it? Erynn and S…

Books V - Yum, Yum, Yum!

Terie Garrison's WinterMaejic (DragonSpawn Cycle: Book 2, sequel to AutumnQuest) - Grade: B+. As previously stated, I'm nervous about these because all 3 came out at the same time. In Terie's defense, this book wasn't bad. It didn't have quite the appeal as the first, and the plot dragged in places, but it held my interest. I read it in one sitting without putting it down (except to eat breakfast, and I was annoyed to do so). The main character, Donavah is bound by a spell and finds herself unable to speak or use her hands early on. Any of you who are familiar with my less-than-advertised writings will know I have a character I'm wrestling with in similar fashion, though my idea takes this one a bit farther. Still a good read, not a waste of time, and I'm excited to read the others.

Philip Pullman's The Subtle Knife (Dark Materials: Book 2, sequel to The Golden Compass) - Grade: A-. If it's possible, I enjoyed this book more than the first. I had …

Summer of Sun Travelogue - Edition 2nd

DISCLAIMER: Still stands from part I.


After a world-wind vacation covering 4 states, it was time to settle in for some Summer Relaxation. NOT A CHANCE! I had one night to wash clothes and watch Dance, then Turtle and I were off on another adventure.

We stopped off in Provo for Cherie and Chris' wedding. We'd received the wrong invitation so we showed up an hour early, and to the wrong place. Oops. Then once we got there, the ceremony started like an hour later than it was supposed to. There was stress (including a dropped cake! O.o) so we understand, but it added to us not being able to stay for the whole thing.

I, as usual, looked smokin' hot. This was the Official World Premiere of the paisley on paisley.

It was great seeing old friends, and celebrating the happy couple, but we needed to be on the road! So we pretty much changed in the car, and then hit the road headed for Tempe, Arizona!

The purpose of the trip was to v…

Summer of Sun Travelogue - Edition 1st

DISCLAIMER: I'm a little behind in my blogging... so these next entries will be what most of you will consider L O N G. Ultra, uber longer. Oh, and because of the length, it's not super edited either, which means you are free to skip them. But you'll be missing out on fun, entertainment, anecdotes, and classic David Moments.


To get the full summer experience, we have to rewind all the [expletive] way back to JUNE. Yes, I do know that was 5 months ago. I had fun, gimme a break! :P

I won't cover WIFYR, because let's be honest, that would take WEEKS. So we'll start with the 2009 Hulet Family Reunion. I have a ridiculously huge family. And every two years we get together to party, hang out, and just spend time. Because we love each other. Well I have apprehensions about such events, but usually go (when I can). My parents were host family this year, so I was doubly expected to attend.

The first night is always jus…


Well, this draft has been sitting here for almost two months. But I don't know that the humor is diminished any. Back in September, Turtle, the Nicholsons and I went to see our friend Dallon perform at an improv comedy show out in Magna - Jesters Royale.

More than anything it made me wish *I* was down on the stage acting, because I could have been much funnier (sorry actors!); however, there were some incredibly funny moments over the course of the evening. Here are probably the top 3, all said by or involving Dallon.

[Dallon runs out of the room] Moderator: "There he goes. Eager and barefoot... just like the women at BYU."

Dallon: *trying to make sense of a charades game* "Well, maybe they are Japanese so they are eating the dead bunnies raw or something."

Dallon (when asked why he hit the other guy in the jaw): "I was trying to take the swelling down by punching it back into your face."

Sticky Note

Bah. I'm so far behind, I feel like a failure at blogging. I've been so busy! Which is a lame excuse. (And I'm still waiting on summer pictures... >.> Worst. Excuse. Ever. But it's true! <.<)

Hopefully I can get some time to post brilliance soon.