Well, this draft has been sitting here for almost two months. But I don't know that the humor is diminished any. Back in September, Turtle, the Nicholsons and I went to see our friend Dallon perform at an improv comedy show out in Magna - Jesters Royale.

More than anything it made me wish *I* was down on the stage acting, because I could have been much funnier (sorry actors!); however, there were some incredibly funny moments over the course of the evening. Here are probably the top 3, all said by or involving Dallon.

[Dallon runs out of the room] Moderator: "There he goes. Eager and barefoot... just like the women at BYU."

Dallon: *trying to make sense of a charades game* "Well, maybe they are Japanese so they are eating the dead bunnies raw or something."

Dallon (when asked why he hit the other guy in the jaw): "I was trying to take the swelling down by punching it back into your face."


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