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Books, books, books. I freaking love books!

Last time I talked about books, I was getting into Black Sun Rising, first in the Coldfire Trilogy. I didn't make it very far, I don't think. I know I didn't make it to the end of the book. The Gods they worshipped conveyed their powers through bodily fluids, which didn't really seem that... appealing? So I eventually stopped reading, and never went back. To that book, anyway...

Cormac McCarthy's The Road - Grade: A+ Hands Down. This book is just beautiful in its desolation. Even the lack of quotes in the book is telling. It was just really impressive all around, and I didn't find any parts slow or drudge-y. Highly recommended.

Orson Scott Card's Xenocide (Book 3 of the Ender series) - Grade: C. I don't know why I came back to these. I guess because my bro offered them to me? Ender's Game was INCREBILE, and life-altering, and so moving that when I finished it on a plane I used the only thing I could find to …


On the third day of walking, I went with Turtle to Disney.

But not to ride the rides or enjoy the magical experience...

To audition.

That's right. Audition for a character. They had casting today and about 300 people showed. I was number 103. Turtle found out about it, and then I decided what the heck, I'd tag along and see what happened.

We got our picture taken and measured for height and filled out this form, then we went back to audition. The audition consisted of learning a simple routine, aka dancing. Oops. It was ala parade style and we had to march 4x, do a jazz square, skip 4x, and then do two pivot turns. Simple, right? They wanted to see my personality and pizzazz in those 14 counts. Ooh la la.

Except I failed. Because I can't skip. Or really dance. Not on this leg. I can barely walk. My jazz square had spirit fingers and okay footwork, and the marching was amazing, but the pivot turns were more painful than pretty.

After the audition we sat down and chatted with so…

Say What? Round 4

This one just happened and I had to blog it in its immediacy while I'm still laughing because it was just that good. This one's from my lil sis again. She's really good at this game.

Stas: "D, guess what? I took a math test today [Note: She's really bad at math] and there were 32 questions. I totally only missed one! That means I got like...28!"


Going the Distance

Yesterday I went to the doctor.

And he told me everything I wanted to hear. Like that I could "stomp around" on my foot as much as I want, so NO MORE CRUTCHES!!! *Dances* He said that I am healing great and that the xrays show there's new bone growth in the leg. Only way I can break it again is if I get hit with another car. This makes me entirely overjoyed. He also said as soon as I can hop 5x on my foot without trouble I can return to sports, hiking, and other vigorous activities. I tried, and so far I'm at 0 hops. ;)

We'll take it slow. Doc says that the swelling and some of the bruising could take up to 6 months to go away completely, so I'm not done being careful. But it's nice to not have the crutches anymore; I was getting to hating them. Basically he says that the muscles in the leg are packed super tight like saran wrap, and then when you go and cut a slit in it (the incisions in both sides of my leg), when it heals again it doesn't go back t…


I'm not blogging, not because I'm upset or angry or pissed or frustrated or stressed or stir crazy (though I am all of those things).

It's because Turtle is here. She finally got home from Africa, and then rushed over here to see me. Because you know, Florida is right next to California, so it wasn't a long trip. :P

And we all know very well that when Turtle is here, there's no time to blog.

Thought Collage Angst Vomit

The last staples came out. One of them had grown with the skin so when my dad yanked it, the skin pulled apart and it bled. Awesome. The redness continued to go away as I took antibiotics, kept my foot elevated, and wore my compression sock. The bulge in my leg is also doing relatively better. So for the most part, I'm on the mend. Walking with crutches got old real quick though, not to mention that sometimes I stumble. Up until a few days ago, I hadn't ever fallen, and technically, I still haven't; but I have put full weight on my broken leg twice now, and that's not fun, or pain-free. So there is some new bruising on my ankle and my leg continues throbbing.

We finally found a doctor that will see me, after looking for almost two weeks and exhausting every source we could find. I have my first appt March 18th, so look for an update then.

Moving into my room happened a bit ago, but I never talked about it. I had my bed moved over to the window so I can look out and see …