Say What? Round 4

This one just happened and I had to blog it in its immediacy while I'm still laughing because it was just that good. This one's from my lil sis again. She's really good at this game.

Stas: "D, guess what? I took a math test today [Note: She's really bad at math] and there were 32 questions. I totally only missed one! That means I got like...28!"



Kerry said…
seriously priceless.
Here's another good laugh for you, from my Tricia. We were driving home from Walmart and she saw a guy holding a sign on the side of the road. His sign read "Homeless Vet please help". Tricia then says to me, "how is that possible? He has a job?"...wait for it...She thought he was a Vetrinarian! She didn't understand why a person with a job didn't have a house!!!

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