Sunday School Moments - I

Okay so very recently I've been called to teach at my church. Primary. LOL I have a class with a 9-yr. old, five 10-yr. olds, and an 11-yr. old. Eesh. So some of my blogs will be about the random/funny things they say. Because, they're kids, people. And kids are freaking hilarious.

Episode 1: Life Goal

I want our class to be as fun as possible. I mean, kids love having fun! So I wanted to take a few minutes and get to know the kids a little better in order to cater the class more specifically to their likes and wants. So I made up this little questionnaire I had them fill out with questions like, "Favorite Color," "Something you're afraid of," "Favorite scripture story," "A game you'd love to play in class," etc.

So they are penciling away at these things and I'm writing my own on the chalkboard so they know me. Well the 9-year old looks up and raises her hand.

Me: "Yes?"

Her: "I don't know what to put for this one."

Me: "Which one?"

Her:"What I'm going to be when I grow up."

Me: "You don't know what you want to be when you're older? Like a Fireman? Or a Police officer? A surgeon? Something like that?"

Her: "Excuse me. But I'm only 9. I've got my whole life still to figure this out. Why would I have already thought about it? I mean... you really want me to make a decision like this right now in like 10 seconds? I just don't think I can do that. I need to at least finish high school I think..."

Me: O_O

So apparently the up-and-coming generation has not decided at age 5 what they want to be when they grow up... I was a say the least. Oh man. This class is going to be GREAT.


Candice said…
haha! I love those kids! And I miss you like crazy . . .
JackieE said…
That is fabulous! What a smart kid! She's got a great teacher.
Allie said…
I am so glad you got a blog!!! You'll have to excuse the excessive exclamation points (how else can I show how excited I am?!). I linked to you; hope that's okay.

Smile! I love you!!!
SpAz said…
Um yes. LINK! Follow! Publish! Declare to all nations!

amy said…
just so you know, i only lived in Provo 3 years. you haven't known me 3 1/2.
Chelsey said…
Okay David my eyes can no longer focuz... I can't even spell anymore and I am only a 1/4 through haha...but I will def. have something to look forward to for tomorrow. Love ya muwah...suggestion make sub-headings
Brock said…
Can I please come to your class? Do you have a defensive plan if they decide to attack?
SpAz said…
Brock, you are so invited to my class!

And yes if they attack, I will stand up. I mean, they come to my knee yo.

And they won't attack. Last week was enough to convince them I am not only not the enemy, but I'm cool and hip to the kid world also.

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