I was going to bed like an hour ago...and then I got distracted. Yay for an ADHD mind.

I don't even remember how I got there... but I found this.

Apparently, November 14th is Domino day, and this was the 10th year of doing it. And the Dutch are INSANE about their dominoes. And have ZERO competition...

All 10 of them are in Dutch so I understand very, very little, but it's still freaking AMAZING to watch. Yeah, I had domino rally when I was a kid, and I could never even get one whole bridge to stay up, so these people...yeah I idol worship you a little. They broke tons of world records, not just the most dominos ever knocked down. Like the longest single domino field? 1 million dominoes? What happens if someone bumps one...?

Go waste 45 minutes of your life. It's spectacular.

Here's the first one compliments of me to get you tantalized (Ps, don't ask me what that girl in spandex is doing at the beginning... I don't speak Dutch. I prefer to believe she is just wasting time...until they are supposed to start. And her little "mis-start" at the beginning...? I need the gift of tongues right now):

These leave me with so many questions...

Do these people have jobs?
How long did this take to set up?
Do they have practices or a dress rehearsal? Cuz I think that would annoy me.
How times did someone "oops" and set them back days or weeks?
How many swear words were said in the course of this production?
How do I get tickets to next year's extravaganza?
And like 4,345,027 more after those get answered. :P

Just... wow.


Allie said…
Whoa dude! That was ROCKIN!! In my future life as an unemployed hobo, I'm SO doing that!

I'm sure you've already seen this, but for other people who watch the video and decide to comment:


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