Adventures in Woodgetting - Part 4

Chapter 6: Sticks, not stones, may drive some cars, but logs will always break my glasses
There has been this little yellow pickup out back for some time, just sitting there, because it had no engine. Well, Ron finally fixed it, and he decided I need to learn how to drive it (he just wants his jeep back). Only problem: It's a manual aka stick-shift. I don't do stick-shift. There was one attempt once upon a time, long, long ago (read: in high school, when I wanted to go to prom in a convertible), but my learning attempts were met with bucking and stalling. Once I got going, I was fine shifting and what not, it was that start/stop thing that was beyond my comprehension.

But he deemed that I needed to learn. But while we are going for wood? Is this really necessary? I told him I hoped he was not in a hurry, and I was right. I think I stalled the thing 33 times before I finally got it to even move forward, lol. I'm not made for this! Automatic is for me!

Then there were the three times I stalled it right in the middle of a hill with a cliff on one side of us... whose crazy stupid idea was this? I told Ron repeatedly, he had a death wish.

After only a few mishaps though, we finally got there in one piece (thank you God for protecting us!) We got down to the business of hack-n-slash, and load-'er-up rather quickly. They were small logs so I was loading three at a time (note: unknown to popular belief, I am becoming quite strong out here!) Well one particular time I was trying to pick up my third log, the second one bounced out of my arms and into my face. Next thing I know I have a cut cheek, and my glasses are in two pieces. FANTASTIC. I officially HATE "woodgetting."

So that vetoed my having the "pleasure" of driving back with wood in the back, because without glasses I'm kinda blind. That also warranted an unplanned trip to the valley to get them fixed. Fun times.

Chapter 7 - Splitting by light of Jeep
With my travels, and unplanned trips to the valley for broken glasses, I think altogether I missed three trips up to the mountain for wood. Well after it was all brought down and piled outside the shed, it needed split. And stacked. This is like a never-ending job maybe I think.
(And I apologize in advance that this particular episode is not nearly as exciting and dramatic as the others).

So we borrowed a hydraulic splitter, but we only had it for a short time. Tobias was up for some work in McCall, so we got elected to go split. But we couldn't find the key to the shed (it was locked in the cook's room, and he was in the valley of course. So I broke in through his window to get We got a late start, and it got dark, and it was like 25 degrees, but the stars were out.

And we split by the headlights on Tobias' jeep. He kept wanting to stop, but I insisted we keep going since I didn't look forward to using an axe to have to split all that was left (which was a lot).

So we split in the cold and dark for four hours. We had good convo, plenty of D.P., and runny noses, of course. We would've kept going too, but Tobias dropped a log on his already busted knee, and that pretty much ended things for the evening.


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