My Life Retro-fied and ripped from Email

***Origination date: Wednesday September 24th***

Dear [insert your name here to make this a special, personalized message just for you and only you],

The time has come for a lengthy, long overdue update of zee life of SpAz.

Rewind to April 08. Finally done with BYU. Finally done with school. Let the celebration abound! My pops and littlest bro Ryan came out to the party, as well as many of my extended family members (two of my cousins were graduating also). We had a shindig at my house (thanks to everyone that came) and I settled into life after graduation in p-town. Wasn’t much different than before, except now the only thing I HAD to do was work. Which was fine. I increased my hours, got a raise, and started in full-time at the hotel. All was well and I was content to continue there indefinitely. Sometimes, however, it did get slightly tedious. I mean when you are working a 14-hr shift, there is only so much Disney’s Gummi Bears you can endure before it’s just detrimental to your health. I started exploring options and quickly had three offers, all in different parts of the U.S. Hmm. This resulted in some intense indecision, prayer, and musing. When I called my mom to see what she thought, I was delightedly surprised to learn she supported me having “fun” for summer. She’s always been kind of a stickler (love you to death mom!) about my priorities, keeping me in line and kicking me into gear, so I expected her to be like, ‘don’t be foolish, grad school now!’ but such was not the case. She said, “Are you kidding? You just graduated from college! You deserve a break.” Boy, was I glad she said that.

I made a decision, threw my junk into storage, and jumped on a plane. Headed back to the mission stomping grounds and an internship working with Turtle at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. And can we say posh? Company with a $9 billion endowment, super ritzy furniture and fittings, energy-efficient, “green” building, catered lunch 3x a week, and breakfast every day. Now THAT was a job!

To recap Cali , I’m just going to summarize because most of you have already experienced it in picture form (if you didn’t get my summer pics, tell me you want ‘em, and they are yours). The first month I worked in the IT department as an intern under the military-esque Kathy Nicholson (who is phenomenal despite her picking...I mean...assistance in my professional development. She even dresses quite fashionably. I was impressed *wink* and you know that means she has style). IT was bomb, especially my ladies (shout out to my BUDDY Lily, and of course, her partners in crime my Rena and Trinh!), and I worked on their Disaster Preparedness Plan so that when the earthquake hits, everyone will try and call me to figure out what to do... just kidding. That went really well, and I also went to Turtle’s house and hung out with her mom (and Hottie!) for 4th of July. We went camping in Santa Cruz , visited the Festival of Lanterns in Monterrey (both with Hottie!), and Turtle crashed her car. Oops. Don’t worry, she didn’t get hurt (except her pride). Just when it was winding down and I thought it was time to head off on the next adventure, Nancy (director of another department) called me and wanted to hire me for an extra month. (ooo! And a pay raise? Yes ma’am!) So I moved over to Facilities, got an office (and a raise) and started hacking away at their manuals. I rewrote their new hire manual, phone manual, made an orientation guide, did picture instructions of how to shut off anything vital to the building’s survival , and a number of other projects. Basically I got paid to do what I do anyway, write and edit. It just wasn’t *quite* as creative as I’m used to, but it was okay. On the off-hours, I addicted Turtle to HEROES (omg! Wasn’t the season 3 premiere insane?! Anyone who is not a fan of this show is missing out BIG TIME! I don’t even have a tv and I watched it, and boy was I glad I did. The 17-mile drive just to borrow a tv was 1000% worth it... I’m getting ahead of myself...), and then we settled into the Olympics. Because Olympics people. They are freaking amazing (although I wasn’t that excited about Michael Phelps – which is why Bucket hates me now and she won’t talk to me anymore... sadness). We watched so much Olympics that I –warning: blasphemy—got sick of them. So we stopped watching the last couple of days and I rediscovered my obsession with jigsaw puzzles (could the fact that I’m so freaking good at them have something to do with that? Ask Turtle just *how* good I really am J), and tried to teach Turtle tennis. I won’t go into details on that one. Turtle went on vacation with her mom and I spent my last three days by my lonesome, and hung out with Turtle’s landlady Kerry instead. Meh, it was fine with me. Hottie came down with DNAQ my second to last night there and we ate out (Seafood!) and then went into town to watch the night life (wow, there are stories behind those two simple words :P).

Turtle’s friend whose name I can’t remember totally picked me up at 4am for my flight (and then wouldn’t take my money... I think I made her keep it anyway!) and I was off. Got on a plane to SLC, rented a car (upgraded it too, which was REALLY REALLY smart on my part), drove to the storage unit, cleaned everything out, stuffed it in my car, drove up the canyon for breakfast with Meggers and BeGed, and then headed off on my adventure.

A 6 hour drive later (that only took me 4... and I didn’t speed *crosses heart* promise!), I was in Idaho . Yes, I said Idaho . *throws up hands* Hey! Hey! Hey! Now before you all freak out, let me explain myself. I agree, Idaho goes against every moral principle I have in my body, but the job is worth it and has mega crazy perks. I wanted adventure, and that’s what I’m getting. I was going to be working with my Great-Uncle Ron (brother of my Gramma) at a lodge he owns. First night I was going to stay in Boise with his daughter Kayla. She showed up in a mini-van, packed with 4 kids. Me: “Umm, there is no way we are getting all THIS in THAT.” Kayla: *shakes head* “You know nothing of being a Mom [Translation: I clearly come equipped with abilities and powers that the greatest of men only dream about, that are beyond your comprehension.] She totally did it. We got ALL my stuff to fit in her van with her and her 4 kids, and me. It was INSANE and I still have no idea how she pulled it off. First stop was the swimming pool where I had my first first of many firsts (why I came). 9-year old Parker wanted to play catch in the water, so I obliged him...and actually threw a football. Crazy. Spent the night there, then went to church with the family. Kayla’s husband had to work, so he couldn’t come. In Sacrament, Porter (the 18month old baby) started fussing, so she went out, leaving me with the 9, 7, and 4 year olds. Parker (9) had a sparkly gem he’d found, and he did a magic trick to the 4-year old where he pulled it out of the kid’s ear. Carter (4) then of course thought the gem should be his, it came out his ear after all. Parker wouldn’t give it to him, and they got in a fight right there in the middle of the meeting. I’m trying to pull them apart and telling them to shush and not fight and it’s just all kinds of awkward...these aren’t even my children! AGH. After Sacrament Kayla had to do her calling, Primary Chorister, which is a lot of Primary. She put me in charge of the baby while she led the singing. Well, that kid hated being separated from his mom, so everytime he’d scream and I’d take him out in the hall and he’d squirm, and push away, and just cry and cry. SIGH. But I was undaunted. I started bouncing his feet off the walls, and let him smack hangars, and eventually distracted him enough to get him quiet. And finally, after like more than an hour, the kid fell asleep. 18-month olds are kinda heavy!

After church, Ron’s wife came down to get me and take me up to my new house. Only half my stuff would fit in her car though...gah. An hour and a half drive later up the canyon and we had arrived. Cougar Mountain Lodge in Smith’s Ferry, Idaho . Google it dude. MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I met Kelsey, Ron’s oldest daughter, and her three teenage daughters, as well as Tobias, Ron’s youngest son (who I met in 06 at the Lundquist Reunion; he was our river rafting guide and pushed me in the water... I have it in my journal) who helped me move my stuff up to my room. Well, actually my room was apparently rented... so I had to stay in a “temp” room for the first week. Awesome... not.

That night I got my first taste of work... and washed dishes. No, no, no. This is NOT what I signed up for, this was NOT in my job description, I am so much better than this. I had a chat with Kelsey about it, and then another one with Ron. I was not going to be staying long if I was going to be washing dishes. Nu-uh! After we closed, I was finishing cleaning, and was putting away one last thing when I bumped a box and it fell to the floor. Full of wine glasses. Which shattered everywhere. SIGH. Awesome...

After work the first night, Kelsey and I were hanging out in my room talking about literature and books, and then in the hallway I saw something go by. I moved back a little, and whispered, “Kelsey, something just flew by.” She said, “Shut up! You’re kidding, right?” Dear me, how I wish I had been. Nope, it flew by again, and Kelsey totally freaked, which only added to my panic. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. It was a BAT. A creepy, flying BAT. It flew into the room across the hall and we shut the door, and then Kelsey headed downstairs to get the bat catching net. After she went down, I realized there was ANOTHER bat hanging on the wall at the top of the stairs, and I refused to go down. Kelsey was even more freaked out now that she had walked by one. She gave me the net and told me to cover the bat, and then slide a piece of cardboard underneath it so it would be trapped in the net. Well, I tried, but where it was on the wall I couldn’t get the cardboard in because there wasn’t enough space. I moved the net and it came off onto it, but wasn’t inside. Me: “I...I got it! But it’s not in the net.” Kelsey: “What? It’s not in the net! What are you doing? Get it in the net!” Me: “I can’t! It’s just like hanging on the side! I’m coming down!” *moving down the stairs* Kelsey: “What?! No! Don’t come down here with it not in the net!” *runs* Me: “Open the door, quick! It’s going to fly any second!” R O F L It was one for the comedy history books my friends. We were both freaking out and both screeching and it was insanity. Then part 2. The trapped bat. We cracked the door open and ducked, the bat flying around in circles. As soon as it landed, I tried to be brave and went inside the room. Just as I was getting close with the net, it came off the wall and started flying again and I dove to the floor in a panic. Kelsey wouldn’t even come in the room. This approach, bat flies, I hit the floor, happened probably four more times, before the bat went behind the mirror. I called Kelsey in and she was like, “where did it go?” I pointed to the mirror and she could not believe the thing could fit behind it and was now freaked about how many times she and her kids had stayed in that room and not known that. We spent about ten minutes continuing to freak out, poke with a stick, use a flashlight, and move the net at the top of the mirror trying to get the bat to come out. Finally it came out, and Kelsey missed it with the net, and it flew AT ME! I screamed, and dove under the table, and it FOLLOWED ME! I swore numerous obscenities and screamed bloody murder like a schoolgirl thinking this bat is going to eat my face. It swerved at the last moment and went back out into the room. Kelsey lunged with the net, and missed a couple of times, then finally caught the bat on the edge of the net, and sent it flying like a baseball. It landed on the bed on top of my cell phone, stunned and we caught it. Kelsey almost LITERALLY peed her pants watching me dive under the table and swear. Catching bats was quite an experience. And funnier than the Sarah Palin/Hilary Clinton SNL skit. Yeesh. Determined not to be a schoolgirl with bats, the next day I purposely went into the attic to see the hundreds of bats living there. Since then, I’ve mastered my fear, and can now catch bats in mid-air without even thinking about it. I also caught one in my hands (I was wearing gloves! Rabies = BAD). But those first two bats will always be remembered, rofl.

Next day was Labor Day and Tobias and I ran the floor. Remember the part where I’ve never been a waiter before? I was nervous out of my brain carrying those first cups of coffee. And what part of you-forgot-to-train-me was I not clear about? I mean at the HF I got trained how to use my telephone THREE times! Here they just push you in the water to make you swim. Eek! We were SLAMMED! At one point we had all 70 tables filled. Well, being the energetic, multi-tasking extraordinaire, I quickly shifted into the zaniness of waiting tables. I was soon carrying five drinks in just my two hands, wielding four dinners at one time, and whipping out tabs like bullets out of a machine gun. That was fun times. I worked 7am-7pm that day. Next morning while waiting for Ron I took a walk to explore exactly where I live. It’s a lodge with a restaurant and store in the bottom, and 7 rooms upstairs. After like one day, I moved into the room across the hall from where I originally was. I didn’t want to wait a week to move in. This room had carpet, and a closet. And I need a closet. Another reason I chose the room is because it’s on the backside of the lodge, which means it’s away from the highway (which is right outside). The room Ron’d originally saved for me was on the end of the lodge and again, by the highway. No thanks. I need quiet to sleep. So I got the only room away from the highway and not on an end. Behind the lodge is a river, with a bridge, and on the other side there’s a lake and some railroad tracks. At night, there is only one light in any direction (across the river) so the stargazing is just about as good as it gets. The closest town (population 997) is 17 miles away. To get to the city ( Boise ) it’s an hour and a half drive one way.

After a nap, Ron finally showed up and decided we were going to Boise . I hopped in the Jeep with him and away we went. I got to know him a little more and he told me some pretty incredible stories about his experiences with search & rescue. He’s saved so many lives, and the stories are just indescribable with superlative exclamations. While we were down there we got me a dresser, and I got a pair of shoes to wear in the greasy kitchen. We went food shopping and Ron wanted me to get some TP for the lodge. I priced everything, and found the one I wanted. But when I pulled it out, the box on top fell off...on top of me. I just stood there, feeling totally embarrassed. UGH. The ladies walking by didn’t help either. One bent down and picked up one of the spilled packages – “don’t worry about this one. I’ll just take it. You made up my mind for me! Thank you.” I wanted to melt into a puddle and trickle away.

Wednesday I started putting together my room a little bit more. Took out the second bed, moved the table and chairs, and put in my dresser. A place for my clothes (that don’t hang up). That night was the “local” special night, which meant everyone came in and ate for less. Which meant we were slammed. Reme said she’s bus tables and wash dishes if I’d just serve and wait the tables. Yeah, she just washed. And barely that. I busted my butt, but got really good tips so it worked out okay. Boy, was I tired though!

That Saturday Tobias borrowed some jet skis from a friend and we hit the lake for a couple of hours. This was my second time ever jet skiing. Last time I got the hang of the craft and starting learning how to jump. This time I perfected the jump and learned how to jump while turning, which was pretty cool. On Sunday I was off, and got a ride to church. Cascade has a tiny little branch, yes I said branch. They were excited to have me, but asked if I had the priesthood. No, I’m only 11...? Come on peeps. Uh, I’m an elder? “Did you serve a mission?” No, I’m only 18? X_x It was just incredible. Monday I went down to Boise with Ron and bought a snowboard and bindings, plus new boots, coat, and pants all for $300 which is a steal considering all that usually costs around $1000. Thanks cousin Travis! I interneted since I have things that must be done, and we didn’t have any at the lodge. When I got back up Tuesday, they were supposed to install it, but didn’t show up. Stupid!

Thursday Ron took me for my baptism of wood chopping. We went up an active logging road which was pretty cool to see, (and Ron insisted on making sure I knew that they were not deforesting the place, but actually contributing to the health of the forest in their work). We went really far up to the tippy top and then Ron and his friend Jerry busted out the chain saws. Eeek! Those things are dangerous! Ron wanted me to use one and I told him he was crazy. No way I was touching something that could hack my limbs off in less than 5 seconds. So first I got to push on the tree while he buzzed it down. Watching a tree fall (don’t worry you Berkeley tree-hugger environmentalists, these trees were all already dead), was pretty cool. Ron taught me how to use the chain saw, and made me try it. I was so scared, but thankfully didn’t injure myself )although there is a very interesting cut on my jeans that looks like a chainsaw did it... though it didn’t go through my pocket or anything underneath, like my underroos or skin, thank goodness. I also got to use an axe to trim the branches, which I was much more comfortable doing, and did do the majority of the time. We loaded it all in Jerry’s truck and went back down. I was, according to Turtle, turning into a real life wilderness mountain man.

The internet people finally came on Friday. Bout’ frickin’ time. After 12 days, I had the internet. Yes. I mean I do everything on here. Pay bills, watch my bank account, run writing groups, organize and keep track of my life, journal/blog...everything. I was just getting cracking at my behind-pile when Ron came in. “I need you downstairs in half-an-hour, then we are going camping.” Seriously? Can we plan these things before they just happen please? AGH. So I went downstairs and we started prepping, and loading to work the train. On the weekends, we take our restaurant out to the world in the form of a catering company, and serve food on a train that does a scenic drive down from Cascade to Smith’s Ferry and back. When we were setting up, the evening’s entertainment said to me, “I haven’t seen you before. Are you new or with the catering?” I didn’t know at that point that we were supposedly a legit catering company, so I said I was new and quickly got corrected. Oops. Serving on the train wasn’t nearly as hard as I’d imagined it would be. Far easier than serving at the Lodge, that’s for sure. On the trip back, when we were cleaning up, Ron took me to the front of the train and the engineer showed me all the switches and what not, then I sat up there to enjoy the ride. It was cooling riding in the very front. (NOTE: This next section is a SECRET and for all governmental and railroad safety procedure checker people did not in fact happen). After asking a number of questions about trains and the engineer’s experience (like the fact that you need 180+ hours of class before you’re allowed to drive), the engineer (who happened to be the husband of one of the people I work with) leaned over and said, “You wanna drive it?” O_O Are you joking? He wasn’t. So I slid into the driver’s seat, and he coached me over my shoulder. I got to speed up and slow down, control the bell, and blow the whistle at the crossings! It was sooooo cool! Then when we were going, I saw something on the track in front of us. What’s that? A cow! Kenny said, “Interesting. Okay, well why don’t you...” Me: “No! Why don’t YOU! It’s your job! I’m not driving when I’m going to hit a cow!” We switched seats, and he took care of the cow, though I thought for sure we were going to hit it. Then I drove some more until right before we got back into town. That was a pretty incredible experience and I made sure to extra thank the Kenny for letting me drive.

After that, we got in the car and drove up to Clear Creek to camp out. Kayla and co. were there as well as this other guy David, his wife, and their 3 little ones. We chilled out at the campfire and then they all went to the campers. Campers, people? Yeah, I’m used to Escalante, throw the bag down and make a night out of it. I was all intent on doing that too, but they wouldn’t let me because they were afraid I’d get mauled by a bear. Lame. So I had to sleep in a camper. We watched Minority Report while we fell asleep, since the camper had a generator. *shakes head* That just is NOT camping people. Next day we left in the morning to go to Church, and I just changed out of my grub clothes in the church restroom, and still smelled like campfire in my tie. After services, we went back to the camping. One of other David’s children, Calvin (4), wanted to help me unload the jeep, so I obliged him. “We can be friends right?” He asked me. “Sure thing,” I replied. After we were done unloading, I said, “Okay, you go play over by the fire and the creek for a minute, and I’m going to go change. Then I’ll come and play with you,” thinking that the kid would listen and go off. But as I started to walk away, the kid replied, “Oh, don’t you know? It’s okay. Boys can watch boys.” O_O Eep! Uhh.... I think the kid’s parents would have a little bit of a problem with that one. I tried to think of everything I could to get rid of the little rascal so I could get out of my nice pants and tie, but he insisted on waiting outside the camper. So I just organized my stuff, and decided not to change. Sigh. What to do? Kayla came over and saved me, not even knowing she was doing it, and took Calvin away. I changed and then went to play in the creek and hang out with the kiddies. Ron and Jason (Kayla’s husband), and David were off finding logs to build a rope swing. Ridir (Kayla’s 7-year old) was playing in the creek so I went to see what he was doing. The water was freezing! I don’t know how the kid could be in there without getting hypothermia! I relocated to the campfire where Kayla was chatting it up with other David’s wife (whose name I forget). We chatted and just shot the breeze (and I related the Calvin story, thanking Kayla for saving me) which launched an interesting and in my opinion, somewhat prejudiced discussion about boundaries and protection and child predators. Maybe I don’t have kids yet so my opinion is not yet biased? The menfolk came back and tied some logs together then wanted Kayla across the creek to hoist it up vertical so they could hang the swing. Yeah right. I got enlisted to help also which resulted in some serious rope lacerations on my part since no one thought of giving me gloves and Kayla was basically falling in the creek as it was. But we got it up and they got the rope over and tied off and put a log on so the kids had their swing. Ron tested it first and ended up in the water, the rope had that much give. Oops. They re-tied it and then the kids had a blast swinging. Dinner, a round of Frisbee golf, and then I spent some time talking to the rents. That night, while Ron watched the rest of Minority Report I had a phone convo with Turtle under my pillow and in my sleeping bag so I wouldn’t bother Ron.

Next morning we were up bright and early so Ron could cook at the lodge. Since he was going back anyway, I went too, so I could internet and start getting caught up on my backlog and make sure my groups were not completely dead. We closed down early around 5 and went back to the campground. More fire, more playing, more Frisbee golf, and more chilling. Good times. Next morning I was supposed to work, covering for Reme (even though no one told me) and Ron tried to whole night to get KC to work for me, with no luck. When I made a comment about his snoring, he went off about me talking in my sleep. LOL He thought when I was talking to Turtle that I was asleep and having an imaginary convo with her. No, it was real my friend; it was real. That night we watched The War before bed. And up at 6am again so we could have me to work by 7am. Ugh. I was pretty much dead on my feet now that I’d been camping four days and Ron’s snoring hadn’t been a very productive addition to my already nigh-inability to sleep. Ron promised it would only be a half day and I’d be done at 1pm, but no one came. Ugh. He came back at 3pm and saw that I was dying, and sent me to my room for a nap. Mmm. Two hours later I felt much better and worked till close. That night I did more catchup on my internet-dependent projects (I’ve now worked up a TO DO List, maybe my first ever, that is set on getting me WRITING again. *crosses fingers* Also, number 9 on the list is join Facebook, so all of you want me very much to get to the bottom of this list!), and same thing the next day. I worked that night as it was Wed Special and we were gonna be slammed as usual.

Friday I spent the day in town. Po-dunk tiny Cascade Idaho. I got my meds filled, applied for a driver’s license (since Florida is ready to issue a warrant for my arrest for not going to jury duty 3x), and tried to get a library card. When I told them where I lived, they wanted to charge me $45/yr since I lived outside the city. What the NO? I went back a few hours later with my receipt for my DL listing my uncle’s house in the city. The library lady was a little suspicious, but I talked her out of her suspicion, and they gave me my card. Too bad they only had like 50 books, ne? LOL So I reserved a couple and took a couple. M e h. The town was pretty much lame and boring. Nothing to do. When I was in one of the stores, a lady working in floral said hi to me and used my name which hecka freaked me out, till I realized she was one of the ward members who interestingly remembered my name. lol That night I went to work the American Legion catering, then dipped out an hour later to go to a baptism at the branch.

Next day Tobias was up and Ron and Jerry took us up to chop wood. Too bad it was storming. We were soaked in like two minutes flat. Ron thought the rain would let up, but we knew it wouldn’t Rain was the forecast for the day. So we got out and just went to work. By the end we were all just covered in mud and dirt, and wet, wet, wet. And we hadn’t just brought a pickup that time. We brought two, AND a trailer. Whose idea was this? When we were ready for the trailer, Ron told me to go get it, and turn it around by hand. I didn’t understand what he meant, since the trailer was already facing this way (he didn’t know that), so I went and got it myself. The trailer is pretty dang heavy, but I can lift it and turn it around when it’s empty. Well, this time I lifted it and then pulled it –by myself- 300 yards down the muddy hill to where we were loading. Tobias called me a showoff, and Ron just shook his head. He’d meant go get it in the jeep, but turn it by hand so it faced the right way. Oh. Well. Whatever, I thought it was amazing, and thus that *I* was amazing. Yeah, ps to everyone. When you see me again, I will most likely have muscles that I didn’t before. I’ve also gone quite a few rounds chopping the logs we’ve cut into kindling for our fireplace. Not to mention all the heavy lifting I’ve been doing. As soon as we put in the last piece of wood it stopped raining. AGH. *shakes fist at nature*As we slogged down the mountain, trying not to get stuck in the mud, the sun had the audacity to come out. Seriously? Absolutely dirty and soaked, we got back to the lodge, then had to unload everything we’d cut. Ron sent me inside to wash up and come to work so KC could go home. I complied, but did not go to work. There were 3 people on already, and they did not need me. After a few hours, we had to set up for the train again. This one was supposed to be fireside, so they were going to eat here. We set everything up, and then the rain returned. So we had to remove everything inside. Then the stupid train people oversold the train and didn’t tell us. “33,” they said. Yeah, that was NOT 33 people. More like 56 my friends. They are just [expletive] we had enough food. But we were all upset, and I worked so hard to feed them and bus their dishes. After all was said and done, Tobias and I split out to go to the movies again, leaving the two teenager employees who don’t every work, and when they do, just complain about it, to clean up the rest.

And that’s going to be about it for this edition. Told ya it’d be long :P Thanks for reading this far, if you have. Work is pretty good, I mainly wait tables and serve on the train. There are other projects involved (like the 6 hours I put into reorganizing the basement), but I’m okay with it. The adventures are far outweighing the menial labor. Jet skiing, riding an ATV, offroading in a jeep, camping, driving a train, using an axe and a chain saw, catching bats. It’s all stuff I never imagined being a part of my life. And as long as I have the internet, I’m happy and don’t mind living in the middle of absolute nowhere. Feel free to call me (although my service is really crappy here), or email back. I’d love to hear how your life is, and what adventures you’d found lately. Even better, you could come visit me! That would be amazing!

I’m pretty much having a blast, growing out my hair (it’s down to my chin and easily goes into a ponytail now!), and just enjoying life after college. More firsts are in the works, and I’ll be doing trade shows soon as well, which means I’ll get to travel. Mmm, travel.



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