Adventures in Woodgetting - Part 2

Those of you who read my uber long update (either in its original email format or the revised, pilfered version here) will know that woodgetting always seem to carry with it an edge of adventure. Danger. Something insane happening. (And that's also what I'm deeming "Adventures in Woodgetting - Part 1" for those of you who are confused).

My co-worker always knows whenever we go up, that when we come back down there will be a story to tell. Sometimes, though, I wish there wasn't.

Chapter 2, addendum 1: Super Strength
(excerpt from the last recorded woodgetting when it was super storming)

The rain finally abates and we've filled the pickups and are ready to fill the trailer. Ron asks me to go up the hill and get the trailer, but make sure I turn it around by hand. I was super confused by this comment since Tobias and I already had it facing the right way.

So I go up the hill, lift up the trailer with both arms, and proceed to march the thing 300 yards down to where the wood was. Ron and Tobias are just staring at me.

Me: "What?"
Ron: "I meant go get it with the jeep..."

Sigh. Now he clarifies. I just lugged that thing all that way, and NOW I'm supposed to use the jeep. *shakes head*

Chapter 3: Pshhhhhh!
(Some of you have already read this one in its original format on gchat. This is new and improved version).

So we're getting wood this morning and ron sends me up the hill where we left the trailer to bring it down. I make sure he wants me to use the jeep this time, so we don't repeat last time. He does. So I'm coming back down, trying to be really careful because the last thing I need is something to go wrong...

Well, I'm lining up on the left side with the wood, so it's easier to load it in the back, and while I'm doing that, I forget to check on my right since there's just mountain there. All of a sudden I hear, "Cachunk. PSsssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

I'm like oh bleep! I throw the jeep in park, jump out, and run over to the other side. The can of tools got crunched, there are screwdrivers sticking out the sides every which way and the whole thing is just lodged IN THE TIRE. O_O You gotta be freaking kidding me?! So I grab the can and yank it off, toss it aside and run down to where Ron is sawing away to tell him I made a "boo boo." After that I run back up and sit down by the tire, and put my fingers over the hole to keep it from deflating. I mean, we are in the mountains here people. The nearest fix-it shop is what, 2 hours drive, minimum?

But Ron is down there on a roll cutting. He told me later he didn't even think about the tire, he was just glad I was okay. He kept glancing over so I figured he was aware of the pressing situation, but no. He remarked later that he knew I had punctured it, but it was really okay. I didn't have to be sitting over by the jeep mourning the thing. It really wasn't that grave. Little did he know, my fingers are over there aching, and I keep switching them, but this tire hurts! Hurry up man!

After like 10 minutes he finally comes over, and remembers, oh yeah, maybe we can fix that! X_x So he unhitches the trailer (without bothering to tell me, or set it up on the log like he's supposed to, just unhitches it) and gets out his patching kit.

Luckily, the puncture is on the edge of the tread and the side, but more on the tread, so the tire is salvagable. Yes! As he's bending down to plug it, he tells me: "You remember the other week we were in Boise at that tool shop?"

Me: "Yeah."

Ron: "I just bought this there. I was looking at it on the shelf, and I grabbed it, thinking I could use it, but then decided I didn't really need it, so I put it back. Then I hear this voice saying, 'No, Ron. You better get that.'"

What I hear: "Ron, this is the Spirit. I have a message for you. In about a week, David is going to stab a hole in your tire with a crushed can of tools and a screwdriver. You better get that repair kit."
*le sigh*

After he patches it, he goes back to cutting, and I go back to loading. Only, wait. Remember the trailer was unhitched? Agh. So now I have a trailer filled with a cord and a half of lumber that isn't hooked to anything, and the front end is buried in the dirt. Awesome. That was fun getting back on the hitch.

More soon...


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