My hand itches. I want a pencil. And my journal. But that... that is not as readily shared, as readily without trust and completely bared. I miss my friends, and they all know I have yet to get around to having my own Fbook, so this shall be your consolation prize. And hopefully much more entertaining.

I am doing this also because I suffer. From OIS. Oppressive Imagination Syndrome. It's how things like PK are born. If you don't know about PK, you are missing out. For real. Quote from NULC after I presented my award-winning story: "How did you come up with the voice for your character?" My response: "I went to LA, and slept on the street next to a dumpster for three months, until I completely understood the thoughts and actions of this crazy bum who slept on the other side of the dumpster, and that was the inspiration for the voice of my character." Woman: "O_o Really?" Me: "X_x No, not really! Gosh! I just have an oppressive imagination..." And there you have it.

Over the past 17 days I have thought time and again of writing another life update. So everyone can know that I am okay, that I am alive, that I am growing. Slowly. And not writing near as much as I need to be... Sigh. Mommers tried to console me that I have been "preparing for winter" and that when the snow arrives (tonight? eep!) that I will be much more home-bound and thus prone to writing...but my snowboard... sigh.

So I'm breaking down and I'm starting this. b L o G. w00t. There's no coating, no hiding here. I'll be honest, happy-go-lucky, and hopefully cogent (I may even make you consult a dictionary once in a while with my awesome vocabulary).

Either way I'm sure this will be a welcome (and unproductive akin to Twitter which I also refuse to get) distraction from the writing that actually should be getting done. Convo with pops last night: "My life just keeps getting in the way of my career." Dad: "Oh. It's the other way around for me. My career gets in the way of my life." Count my blessings?

So here we go. Roller coaster, up and down, from nightmare-esque to serenely dream-like, wild adventures in wanderlust of the SpAz, also known as World Changer. Because that's just who I am and what I do.

Watch out Blogger. I'm going to be popular in no time...


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