7 Weird and Random Facts

Really I shouldn't do this. Because it's just as bad as a forward. And I abhor email forwards. And delete them. Always. Oh Blogger. You have changed the venue, but not the game. *le sigh*

Only to indulge Erika am I doing this. Because I love her. And one of her facts is my fault. I was the missionary who taught her family. :D


1. I love to read kid's books. Like lots of them. The bottom two shelves of my bookcase are all kids books. From little kid just learning how to read, to chapter books and choose-your-own-adventures, to the older teen books.

2. I don't drink pop. I try not to at least. Once in a while (read: every 3 days about) I break down and have a Dr. Pepper. But that's the only pop I will ever touch. If it's anything else, it's not worth the destruction of my internal organs.

3. I am a self-proclaimed bacon addict. I could eat it all day, every day. I just love the stuff. In the restaurant downstairs, our cook tries to keep some cooked always for bacon burgers and what not. But if he leaves the plate anywhere I can get it, the bacon disappears. Quickly. And I get in trouble.

4. I currently live in a one-room apartment with a bed and a sink. There is a kitchen downstairs but we just have a grill, a fryer, and a microwave. My ability to cook is incredibly hampered here. Nonetheless, I still have a spice rack out on my dresser.

5. I hate chocolate. And candy. Like more than pop. Just don't like it. Yech. Unless of course it's cherry coke bottles imported from Germany. Then I can eat a 5-lb bag in like a day and a half :)

6. Before I discovered fashion and Express, I used to dress as a skater. And yes, I skateboard. But I dressed skater before I could skate. One day a kid told me I was a poser because I didn't skateboard. The next day I bought my skateboard and started learning. I've been skating for almost 7 years. I still can't do any tricks. :(

7. I'm on my 9th 200pg. brown journal since High School. But I never write in it as much as I should. If I did that, I'd be on volume XIV by now. I'm sure of it. Currently we are in November. My journal is still in May. Oh sad.

Okay. I tag:
and Aunt Shanna



JackieE said…
I am right there with you being behind in your journal. My journal doesn't even know my husband yet! Oops. Loved the post even though you despise forwards, it was a good one.
Erynn Marie said…
Crikey, now I've been tagged 3 times! I'd better get on that at some point.

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