Adventures in Woodgetting - Part 5

Chapter 8 - Knee'd that?
Ron borrowed the splitter again, and the splitting has resumed in recent days. Because there is so much freaking wood down there. Someone got a little saw-happy me thinks. We even started selling the wood to other people and delivering it to their houses, we had so much.

Just a few nights ago, we were out splitting again, and Ron and Tobias were loading a truck to take to someone, and that left Spencer and me to split. I'd since learned to "drive" the splitter and was now quite efficient at slicing those things. Well, what I wasn't apparently efficient at was moving the darned thing. It's like straight up metal (about the size of a large go-cart), and has wheels just on one end, so you have to maneuver it carefully when you move it. Well, I was trying, but when I was backing up a log rolled from somewhere, under my foot, and I fell over backwards, still holding this metal thing. I landed on the woodpile which hurt in its own right, and then the metal splitter came down on top of me. It landed on my left knee, on the inside, right on the bone. I think maybe that hurt more than my gashed finger. I mean, this HURT like you wouldn't believe. So I'm lying there, the engine on the splitter is going, and it's pretty much crushing me as I'm sprawled on this wood like it's a pyre or something. Sheesh. Spencer luckily saw my mishap and came dashing over to rescue me. I played it off like it didn't hurt and kept working, but it really did. And the bruise is freaking huge. And sleeping that night was like impossible.

What really gets me is that before we started this little game involving blades and wood, I was NOT a clutz. I did not spontaneously fall and cut myself or break things. And now it happens all the time. I just don't understand what's happened to me. (But I do maintain that I should become famous for my amazing stories).

Chapter Final - The End (this year)
Ron and I finished splitting finally, and then yesterday I spent about an hour an a half chucking the last pieces into the shed (and only broke one of the support beams due to throwing too hard, too high). That shed is freaking full.

When we filled the first side of the shed, Ron thought that was a ton of wood. When we filled the other side just as full, Ron knew that was a ton of wood. When there was still more wood, Ron began to think that we maybe shouldn't have gotten so much wood, lol. Now that it is all in, and we are finally done (except for the part where I use an axe to make kindling... another story?), Ron declares sadly that we may have enough wood to last two winters. But then what are we going to do next year?


Allie said…
Yay cutting wood! I'm so bummed about your knee though. That totally sucks.

I miss you!
Candice said…
why in the world am i not up there with you? i swear, with me there it would be 100 times more exciting. cause let's face it. i am a clutz.
SpAz said…
ALLIE: Yeah my knee hurt pretty bad. But other than the pain I'd say it wasn't as bad as my finger. Now that was a doozy.

CANDICE: Hon, I think it's maybe better you aren't! I like you ALIVE.
Candice said…
Everyone should want to go to Missouri. And you're right, I like me alive as well. :)

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