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Book book book

Well, I still haven't finished How to be you own Literary Agent, but I did finish the other book I was reading. And moved on to a number of others as well. Don't worry, I'll finish that one eventually...

Jeanette Walls' The Glass Castle - Grade: A. Hilarious. 100%. Such a beautiful (tragic!) memoir of Jeanette's childhood. There is alot of swearing, but beyond that this book is an absolute riot. Loved it. Would buy it.

Sara Gruen's Water For Elephants - Grade: A. An thoroughly researched historical fiction/murder mystery piece revolving around the circus. Really, really well done. Also very gritty (it's the circus), so you've been warned ahead of time. There's sex, and there's language. GRITTY. But Sara is brilliant in that she sets up the climax at the beginning, and then leads you to believe something that's not true the entire time, until you reach the climax again. I was way surprised. And so will you when you read it.

Autumn Cornwell'…


Aight all, I finally got a new one. Phone that is. *waves his slick new MOTOKRZR.* It's okay to be jealous.

Good news: My number DIDN'T change! (But if you called me since the incident, I will never know unless you tell me... because I changed carriers to AT&T, which means everything in the dead period is unrecoverable).

Bad news: With the change (and my old phone corroded and rusty), I have lost everything contact-related I ever had. Which means I can't call you or text you until you tell me how (read: where).

What you need to do: If you want to reconnect yourself to my world, send me an email/text message with your name/number and we'll be pal-lies again. Saweetness.

Movie Reviews II

It's been awhile since I've talked about the movies I've been seeing, so I think this post is overdue. It brings together previously unreviewed movies, ones I put by themselves in previous posts, and all the ones I've seen since.

Pineapple Express - Grade: F. My brother thinks this movie is hilarious, but my cousin and I walked out before it was even over. It wasn't funny enough (unless you were watching it high), and it was soooooo slow-moving. We got bored, and so we said screw this and left.

Kung Fu Panda - Grade: A. I was a little wary of this considering it was Jack Black, and I don't always find his grade of humor up my alley, but this movie was GREAT. Funny, entertaining, and a great story. Two thumbs up all the way on this one.

Wanted - Grade: C. Pretty thriller. The effects were way good, and the storyline was good. Could have done without some of the blood and gore though. And the swearing. I think we pegged it at a swear word every 30 seconds, or some…

Aviation Adventures

So as you all know, I moved. Because, freedom.

Getting here was an experience that's for sure. So here goes the recount. I arrived at the airport sometime after 3pm, and went to weigh my bags, which I had previously weighed at the UPS store under the guise that I was thinking of mailing them. At the UPS store, they were 50 lbs even, the max. But when I put them on the airport scales, they both weighed in around 40lbs. What the discrepancy? Either the airport is trying really really hard to not have po'ed people, or the shipping company is making bank on fake pounds. Either way, I coulda totally brought 20 more lbs. That's like another 3 pairs of shoes at least!

Said bye to my pops, and went through security. Beep, beep, beep. You know. My favorite new part of my life. Setting off airport security alarms. So I beeped, and in the same breath told him I was a metal-sporter. Rolled up my pantleg to prove it too. He had me walk back through while telling me that was unnecessary, …


Change is upon me. And I'm so excited.

New Out: Moving back to Utah. Because Florida sucks and I'm sooo tired of drama. And being here.

New Look: Summer is here, and that means it's time for a change, right? Right.

New Outlook: Taking my life back, regaining control, and moving forward in a positive way.

And now, let's take a moment. A moment in memoriam. For what was, and what will be again.

And now.

The moment you've been waiting for.

The NEW.

Hate me, maybe. But I was tired of the old, and ready for new. Bring on the change.

True Confessions: 6.

"Forgive me Father..."
"...for I have sinned."

And gravely so. True Confession of my soul:

6. I no longer have a phone.

Because I took it swimming with me.

In the ocean.

Salt and electronics don't go well together. We took it to my bro's jeweler friend tonight and he got alot of the corrosion off, but it's not looking like it's going to be enough. 'parently some of the circuits burned out. He's taking it and steaming it tomorrow, but there's only a sliver of hope it will work again.

Great. One more brick on the pile on my back of crap I am supposed to deal with properly.

Say What? Round 5

This is a double, so it's your lucky day.

We were playing cards yesterday just kinda taking it easy, and my sister decided to tell a story about a girl in her class who got robbed. But these were not your ordinary burglars. They were extra special thieves because they came with an extra u.

Yes, people, these were burgulars. And they were very good at burgularizing, which is just a really amazingly funny word, which we made her repeat over and over mercilessly.

Then my dad trumped this hilarity when he was shuffling the deck, and doing it very slowly by separating the cards into three piles. Why was he doing this?

Because he wanted to be sure and eliminate all the pairs, the triples, and the quadraloopels. Nice Dad, nice.