Change is upon me. And I'm so excited.

New Out: Moving back to Utah. Because Florida sucks and I'm sooo tired of drama. And being here.

New Look: Summer is here, and that means it's time for a change, right? Right.

New Outlook: Taking my life back, regaining control, and moving forward in a positive way.

And now, let's take a moment. A moment in memoriam. For what was, and what will be again.

And now.

The moment you've been waiting for.

The NEW.

Hate me, maybe. But I was tired of the old, and ready for new. Bring on the change.


Candice said…
You know I LOVE your hair short.
Randi said…
You are the hotness. Are you moving back to Logan? Please say yes.
David H. said…
Atm it's not a yes. But I don't know. To begin my re-establishment, I will be setting up camp in West Valley City, but you are welcome to come down and we can play in SLC.

Steady employment will be the decisive factor in establishing more permanent roots. :)
Allie said…

Your hair is hot!!

Pardon the excess exclamation points but--they're totally not in excess. LOVE the new look!
JackieE said…
That is a fabulous look for you! I'm excited to hear that you are headed back to Utah! We will join you in July.
Jules Orme said…
I will miss your quick wit, I will miss your "I'll play nice" so you can win. (You better let me win in my crib!) I miss your curly hair, I'll miss your intelligence and intellect in class each Sunday. My BRIGHTEST student. But most of all I will miss your energy...why...because it is our energy that makes us GREAT!
David H. said…

I want to thank you. And congratulate you. For the first time in the 7 years that I've had to associate with Florida, I can finally say (proudly!) that there's something I miss.

And miss you I do. Fiercely. Rawr :P

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