Movie Reviews II

It's been awhile since I've talked about the movies I've been seeing, so I think this post is overdue. It brings together previously unreviewed movies, ones I put by themselves in previous posts, and all the ones I've seen since.

Pineapple Express - Grade: F. My brother thinks this movie is hilarious, but my cousin and I walked out before it was even over. It wasn't funny enough (unless you were watching it high), and it was soooooo slow-moving. We got bored, and so we said screw this and left.

Kung Fu Panda - Grade: A. I was a little wary of this considering it was Jack Black, and I don't always find his grade of humor up my alley, but this movie was GREAT. Funny, entertaining, and a great story. Two thumbs up all the way on this one.

Wanted - Grade: C. Pretty thriller. The effects were way good, and the storyline was good. Could have done without some of the blood and gore though. And the swearing. I think we pegged it at a swear word every 30 seconds, or something absurd like that.

Quantum of Solace - Grade: C. This was one of the more MEH James Bond movies. I guess I should have brushed up more on my history of Casino Royale because I was lost for about half the movie. Or more. And I guess they are returning to the Book Bond? Well, I think I like the glamorized movie/video game bond better. He's not Bond to me without his gadgets.

The Incredible Hulk (version 2008) - Previously reviewed here. "Grade: B-. It wasn't overly engaging, but it didn't suck. Simply alright as far as movies go."

Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - Previously reviewed here. "Grade: A. I won't lie on this one. This was actually a dang good movie. Make fun all you want, it's really worth your time. I was surprised myself. But it's emotionally engaging, funny, a good storyline, and the acting is on par as well. I was impressed, and might even put it somewhere on my top 10 list (I'd have to figure out the list first of course)."

City of Ember - Previously reviewed here. "Grade: C (only because I read the book, otherwise it's much higher). I tried really hard to be objective, but couldn't do it. I couldn't. They changed too much. Major pieces of the plot, not just minor things. I was so incredibly disappointed (but still love the book, so it's okay)."

Valkyrie - Grade: A. Went with Turtle to this one, thinking we were going to see Tale of Despereaux, only it wasn't in the theater. So we bought tickets to Bedtime Stories, since I figured that was something she could handle. As we were walking by the door to Valk, I mentioned wanting to see it, and she chimed that she had wanted to as well. I was a little taken aback since it was kinda about war and she doesn't do blood or violence...but she was game, so in we went. Really great storyline, and powerful performances all around. Even Tom Cruise did a good job, which is hard considering I've hated pretty much all his work.

Mad Money - Grade: C. Watched this with Sierra and Turtle while we played yahtzee (and the little kid beat us). It was an interesting story, though believability was hard-pressed, and most of the dialogue was flat. Not one I'd really bother seeing again.

Batman: Dark Knight - Grade: B. I don't really know what to say about this one, for fear of offending someone and incurring wrath. I am still torn up over Heath Ledger's death, and his performance was simply incredible; but this movie was just so... dark. I don't know. Something about it left me feeling unsure. I don't know that this is one that has a place in my best of, or that I'd see again. :/

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken - Grade: B. Sappy love story with unbelievable feats of overcoming and persevering. The message was clear and straightforward though. You can do anything if you try hard enough and go on in spite of all the odds stacked against you. My mom really likes this movie. I didn't watch it all because I wasn't interested, but I can't lie that the end got me emotionally.

Tale of Desperaux - Grade: A. Super, super cute movie. Must see for everyone, young or old. I had no trouble suspending my belief, and just flowed along with everything the story had to offer. Loved this one tons.

Star Trek - Grade: A. HAHA. I totally saw this movie 3 days before it even came out in theaters, so yes, you should all be jealous of this. Pre-screening baby! I'm not a die-hard time-line-savvy Trekkie, but I do like movies to make sense. The effects were dazzling, the casting was 100% exactly as it should have been, and the dialogue and humor were spot-on in every way. The one thing that left a bit of bad taste in my mouth was the part where I was never quite sure if I was watching "real" Star Trek or "alternate timeline/parallel" Star Trek. J.J. Abrams is pretty much insane genius, don't get me wrong, but the time stuff gets me all lost.

The Day The Earth Stood Still
- Grade: D-. This movie was a waste of my time. Completely. I haven't been this mad at a movie for being so completely lame and dumb since I watched Napoleon Dynamite. I mean, what a stupid, stupid way to try and get us to be more economical and caring and eco-friendly. Barf. The one redeeming quality in this movie was the acting of Jennifer Connelly. Jaden Smith gets my props as well for his role.

Top Gun - Grade: A-. Yes. This really was my 1st time. I know, right? Pause. Stop. Recover your fallen jaw from the floor. Wipe away look of complete disbelief. Agreed, it's unbelievable that I made it 26 years of my life without seeing this movie. It’s a hole in the space/time continuum I promise (Where's J.J. now?) But I broke down and watched it, and I have to say: all that hype, for all that time... the movie just couldn't stand up to all of it. I can see now that Stealth was a total rip-off with a simply added-in high-tech bit, and I think that's kinda funny, but no.
And the love scenes in this movie? Wow! Just a little risqué, no? ‘specially considering when this movie was made right? I mean, that's real tongue action! O.o I was especially put off by all the recycled footage. C’mon, only Legend of the Seeker is poor enough to be allowed to do that and have it work to its advantage.

Hello, Dolly! - Grade: B-. Yup, a musical. Don't get me wrong, I love my theatre, and this piece was no different. But there was just a little bit too much singing and dancing in this one. I mean, all the musicals I was in in High School at least had storylines... this one was a tad lacking in that particular (important) department. Other than that it was great though. Fun times for the whole family, and songs you wanted to sing along with. And the costumes and dancing displays were simply wonderful.

Earthsea (Gedo Senki)
- Grade: A+. Such a breathtaking, beautiful, beautiful movie. The screenplay was written by Hayao Miyazaki's son Goro, and this was his debut film. Well, I applaud him. I've always been a Miyazaki fan, but I have to confess that I think this one to be my favorite in every way. It was simply an incredible journey, with stunning animation, amazing acting, and simply delivered everything a movie should. Definitely one I would see again, and even purchase (which is exceptionally rare).

Til next time...


Randi said…
I am glad we share the same taste for Star Trek. It rocked my socks. are in utah now? Do you have a phone yet? Where are you? I want you in my life!!!
David H. said…
I'm glad someone finally commented on my post :P

In utah? Yes, West Valley City to be exact.

Phone? Ordered. FedEx says it will arrive today.

Where? I already told you.

I want you in my life too!!! Eeee!!
Nathan said…
Totally agree on the Dark Knight: Well made film, yes. Virtuous? Lovely? Praiseworthy? Of Good Report? Only mildly by my standards.

Star Trek: Agree with you except my wife is pissed about casting, and I agree. Uhura was the only one that didn't match the original. They just wanted be safe and cast a hot chick. Also Winona Ryder is way to young looking to be Spock's mom. Classic Hollywood blunder.

Furthermore, I also saw Top Gun for the first time a few weeks ago and was similarly grossed out by the tongue. Really I expected more with all the hype I've heard over the years, but it did have some decent performances.

Looking forward to Earthsea.I am also a Miyazaki fan.

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