Almighty Travelogue - Edition Last

DISCLAIMER: Ain't you figured it out yet?

January 4th, 2009 - Sunday
Being a new year church was now at a new time. 9am. EW. I dragged myself out of bed though I didn't want to, and I definitely didn't iron my shirt (though I got out the board and the iron). Whatevs. Sunday school was even worse than last week (if that's possible), and made me want to go inactive it was so non-spiritually enriching. And I even went to just the last 15 minutes of it. Before that I was sitting on the couch in the foyer with J and his friend. I try really hard to be non-critical, and understanding/accepting of all...but sometimes I just can't. It's the darkness inside me. People can be so naive. Some lady made a comment, "I’m really excited to study the revelations..." this was after the lesson was over and the teacher hadn’t called on her. She was like, "I want to study, blah, blah, blah," and you know she’s not going to. Priesthood was more of the same boringness (I'm really glad I don't go to church here in the FL) was lame too, and I tuned out once I got my dad to give me the Sudoku book.

After that J and I blatantly sinned. And ended up being glad we did (keep reading). We went to play Frisbee. This time I was on his team, and we had some great teamwork and rocked the other team, except when two of our players didn’t care and/or swatted the Frisbee to ruin the winning catch. We said some pretty non-PG things about them and their frivolity that I can't write here. This time I did my best yet, making two or three scores, and getting in some good hits/dive/falls as well. Ended up covered head to toe in dirt, which means I played good and I played hard. One catch I made was in the air, and as I came down with it, one of their players collided with me, and I went tumbling...but held on to the Frisbee! Ha! It was great fun for all.

So here's why we were glad we'd decided to sin and play. If we hadn't gone to play, then CS wouldn't have ever got out of his car (J had to get him), which means Cam wouldn't have seen us and come over on his bike. Had neither of those two everyone else who came late would have gone home (we had the frisbee) and there would have been no game. And an old man would have DIED.

Right as our game finished there was this old dude kicking a soccer ball on the field next to us. He kicked the ball maybe like three times and then just keeled over. Flat our dropped to the ground (busting his chin open in the process).

We all rushed over there and he was barely breathing and we called 911. And they were SO RETARDED I HAVE NOT WORDS. Seriously, the firehouse is close enough to the park that had I sprinted I could have run to the flipping building myself. It's around the corner! LITERALLY! But the dispatch lady was like where is that park? AROUND THE CORNER. And they kept asking inane questions like how old he was, and what was his name, and where did he live, etc. LADY WHAT PART OF HE'S DYING SEND A [EXPLETIVE^4] AMBULANCE DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!?!?!?! The stupid ambulance took like 10 MINUTES to get there (around the corner remember?) The guy had stopped breathing by the time they got their butts in gear and got over there. Ridiculous. He seriously almost died because they took forever and didn't know where the park down the street was. JUST UNBELIEVABLE. Thank the Lord, they revived him when they got there. The guy came to and was hilariously belligerent.

EMS: "Sir, you need to come with us to the hospital. You just had a heart attack."
Man: "No, I don't want to."
EMS: "It's not a choice, you have to."
Man: "Screw the hospital."
EMS: "Sir, if you go home tonight, you could die. Your heart is very weak."
Man: "Screw dying..."

LOL. Anyway we were glad to have played and been able to save a life by doing so. Went home and took an extra long shower to scrub all the dirt off, then went to my puzzle with a vigor. I was finishing and finishing that night. I used the time puzzling to listen to music and talk on the phone (I love multi-tasking!) I talked to BW, Brit, and Turtle (once she finally woke up!) and just put in pieces. Cheryl called too. Krys had her friend Yulia over from Iowa because their sons were playing in the band at Disney, so their parents came over and we invited them to dinner. I paused my puzzle to make an appearance, played two games of durok, and then went back. The last 180 pieces went really fast, and my dad helped a little, so did 'Stas but I easily put 5 or 6 pieces to their one. Here was the end result:

I TOLD you it was 70s psychedelic acid trip. I did the whole thing without the box because looking at it made my head hurt. I was so glad it was over. After that I chatted on the phone with Brit some more until I fell asleep.

January 5th, 2009 - Monday
Woke up at 10:30. Helped 'Stas with school and pretty much packed and cleaned house. It’s amazing how absolutely disastrous the room looked. I shoulda took before'n'after pics. For real, I don't think I've ever trashed a room in the course of three weeks that badly before.

Mom got Ry out of school early so we could go to the movies, lol. Then we hit up the Dollar Theatre to see City of Ember.

Ack, ack, ack. If you have NOT read the book, GO see this movie right now! Because you will love it! So good! If you HAVE read the book (which I loved) DO NOT see this movie. You will HAAAAAAATE it.

Grade: C (only because I read the book, otherwise it's much higher). I tried really hard to be objective, but couldn't do it. I couldn't. They changed too much. Major pieces of the plot, not just minor things. I was so incredibly disappointed (but still love the book, so it's okay).

After that we had dinner while J finished packing. We got a late start on the road (I was driving him 2.5 hours back to college) and then stopped at my Grandma's. We did so because she always complains that I never come see her, and the drive went right past her house, and I don't know how much longer they'll be here. So we stopped. Had some ice cream, chatted, and I helped her beat one of her Freecell games she was stuck on while J talked hockey with Gpa (who is turning 90 in February! Can you believe that?!)

Then back on the road. We finally arrived in Gainesville, I helped J dump his stuff, and then around midnight I was finally back on the road to go home (2.5 hours again). I talked to Turtle with my earpiece and was glad for her company because it helped me stay awake. The fog was ridiculous and I couldn't see anything for most of the trip, but made it safely home and to bed. I was supposed to hang with Bro one last time before I went back, but that didn't happen because he had to go to bed. Sadness.

January 6th, 2009 - Tuesday
I'm out of I got up early and went to the airport. My plane was like 2 hours late leaving Orlando which was dumb since there was no ice or snow or anything inclement like that. Merh. I only made my connecting flight because they held it. But then once we were ready to depart, some pin was stuck to the plane so we couldn't leave. Really? They tried to spit on it (GENIUS) and of course that didn't help. Seriously we sat there for like an hour while they got it unstuck (the de-ice trucks were frozen too?) Yesh. When I got back my cousin picked me up and took me to his house to spend the night.

January 7th, 2009 - Wednesday
Back in Idaho! Woot! Only I spent the whole day on a couch staring at my computer. Because I had to wait for my uncle to come get me. *SIGH*

It did give me a chance to reflect on my trip overall though.

I can't say it wasn't without its heartbreak and pain, and I still don't know what's going to happen with my parents, who are now talking, but only on the surface (I still FAIL to comprehend how it's possible to sleep next to someone when you have that open wound between you and neither one is doing anything to staunch the loss of blood... and love?); that said, I CAN say this this trip was MUCH better than previous years.

MUCH. I can confess that I had fun. I enjoyed myself. I didn't think of committing suicide even once.

I got a tan. :)

When I was on my way to Florida, I professed the desire/need for something, anything to be different. IT WAS. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I got out of the house this time. It was not all sitting, all waiting, all video games, all StarCraft. I played frisbee. (And will now confess that I am more addicted to that sport than Geocaching). I went geocaching. I went skateboarding. I went to the beach. I went to rock climbing. I played Sardines.

Sitting there looking back, and looking ahead, I spit that I'd rather stay in Florida with my family than go home to Idaho. Which is... unthinkable. But true.
Half of me even wants to move home (but not live AT home)...

Because though my trip is over, (and so is the log, praise all gods), the journey is not. And the next patch of road looks excruciatingly difficult.

And I'm not sure I'm ready. But I did more than survive this year, so the trip is/was a success. And that counts for alot.


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