Nightmare in my life

So when I got back from Florida, I was looking forward to settling in and enjoying the rest of my winter in the mountains. I mean, I bought my snowboard and gear months ago! And I hadn't been snowmobiling yet either. When I landed in Boise on the 6th, my cousin Travis picked me up, which was odd, since Kels lives closer and usually gets me.

He took me to his house, made me feel welcome, and I slept in his 3-yr old's bed (since the kids and wife are in Montana). Next day I just sat at his house pretty much and did whatever I could find to keep me occupied while waiting for my uncle. I ventured out of the house once, but Trav lives in a very small town, and he's not near downtown either, so I had to walk pretty far. Found a pizza hut though and got some grub.

My uncle finally came late that night and we loaded up and drove off. By the time we got home I was beat and it was past midnight so I went to sleep.

January 8th, I woke up and went downstairs, excited to be back. Only I shouldn't have been based on what happened next. My uncle's lease ran out December 31st, and he gave the lodge back to the owners. When I left Dec 17th, the owner was working out a deal with some potential buyers. Turns out that deal went sour and the owner just took it back. Raul was still cooking, but begrudgingly so and only because he hadn't found anything better yet.

When I went back upstairs the owner was fixing the furnace. He turned to me and said, "I need you to clean your room out. Today."

Excuse me? I thought I'd misheard him. "Today." Nope, he was serious. I couldn't believe it. I'd done so much not just for my uncle, but him as well. All that firewood we got was now keeping his place warm. Not to mention all the cleaning and organizing I'd done. I come back and this is how I get treated? Then he added that if I wanted anything food, water, etc. I had to pay for it like a regular customer. (Arrangement with my uncle was anything, anytime, all free).

I did the only thing I could, immediately called my uncle and locked myself in my room. My uncle came down and "negotiated" (where would I go?) a few more days. I just stayed in my room, and stole food when no one was looking (because I'm evil and to spite him for being a [expletive]). That night after we'd closed, Raul came to my room and gave me the low-down on the failed deal and what else happened. Apparently one of the owner's daughters (two of which were now helping him run the place) had tried to break the door down in my absence. O.O SHE WHAT? He said the only reason they didn't actually go through with it was because they didn't want to damage the door frame. I'd noticed when I returned that all the other rooms had been opened and emptied. So then my stomach just completely knotted up in a ball and I couldn't breathe or sleep or eat and I wanted only to not be there anymore. The plan had been for me to go to the valley Friday and Saturday then come back on Sunday to teach my class, and figure out in the early part of the next week what I was going to do jobwise. Now housewise as well. I decided that if I followed that plan, when I came back, my stuff would be gone. So I couldn't.

I slept fitfully. As soon as I woke up on the 9th I called my uncle and said, "Look, I really need you to just listen to me for a minute. I know you're busy, you've got tons to do today, but I can't stay here. I try and pay attention to my feelings and instincts (read: the Spirit), and I need to move out. NOW." My belongings weren't safe, and I was beginning to feel that neither was I.

My uncle thankfully agreed that we could head in the direction of Boise. I hung up the phone and packed. Everything. In under 3 hours. (Isn't that AMAZING?!) Then Tobias showed up with the blue van. God knew exactly what he was doing. The van had been up here for a while kicking around, and it was totally extra. Better yet the seats had been taken out before it came up some months ago. Which means I could put all my stuff in there and have it fit! By that night, I was out. Out of hell and away from those ingrates who wanted to work me over for the little I've got left. On that note, at one point the owner mentioned that if I so desired I could stay on in that room for the low price of $600/month. Excuse me while I rant: $600 A MONTH? ARE YOU FRIGIJICKING KIDDING ME?! DO YOU KNOW, DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD GET FOR $600/MONTH?!?! THAT SPACE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A BATHROOM! $600/MONTH?!!? END RANT.

I was even nice enough to wash my linens and put back together the 2nd bed I took apart when I moved in. But I was so glad to get out. Then we drove down to Boise and my stuff got dumped in Trav's garage.

But for about half a day (for those of you waiting for this explanation) I really DID live in a van. And the next weeks felt like it since I'd just thrown everything wherever it would go, and didn't know/remember and didn't feel like digging through my myriad boxes to find it. I was living out of a bag on a couch having no purpose, no real place, and of course, no job. So I felt like a hobo. Living in a van. On Chicken Dinner Rd (inside joke).

My uncle assured me that he had a lead on a job up in McCall along with a flat to stay in that was in downtown, within walking distance of everything. Okay, perfect. No. It was more empty promise, more false lies. I knew it would be, but I made myself believe anyway.

I spent a week with Turtle and hung out with Tobias (future post) to pass some of the time, but the rest was job hunting and sitting on a couch from the time I woke up until I went to sleep. It drove me nuts (and gave me the opportunity to look into TV shows I should be watching, but until now, haven't...probably also a future post).


Basically I've been unemployed since the end of November, not to mention the part where I have yet to be P A I D for my work the last 4 months... sigh. NEVER MIX WORK AND FAMILY. IT'S A TRUE SAYING PEOPLE. EVER. Once Turtle left it was time to get out, get on, and find the new beginning that never seems as exciting to me as it probably should. Because I'm tired of my uncle telling me one thing, and then it being another, which is what always happens. I'm still carrying around two checks from the 1st which I was assured which I left December 17th I would be able to cash on New Year's. More non-truth.

This will be my 7th mailing address in the last 12 months... I don't know if I should love that, hate it, relish it, brag about it, feel ashamed; just, there it is.

I'm out, and the nightmare is over...except the part where I get paid. *SIGH*


Becca said…
Dude. That sucks! I'm real sorry that happened to you.
Candice said…
Oh my word . . .

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