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Summer 2011 - Chapter 4: Goodbye Turtle :(

Summer 2011 - Chapter 4: Goodbye Turtle :(

First: Apologies, because I am so far behind T_T
Second: Apologies, because there are no pictures to go with this chapter. Turtle and I didn't do anything picture-worthy...

Turtle and I had known this day was coming for a long time, and finally, it had arrived.

Time for Turtle to leave Utah. :(

I don't really remember anything about the drive, other than it being its normal long-ness and listening to music. We made good time though and got in around midnight, where we were greeted by the most annoying bird. EVER. Now, I'm not a huge pet person, but pets that ANNOY are decidedly on the bottom of my list. The stupid thing squawked ALL NIGHT LONG. He would not shut up for one second. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep.

When I'd had enough, I demanded she get up and call her mom to come right then or I was going to kill the thing. We had to finish up The Last Battle before we could start the book she was dying to read. We a…

Summer 2011 - Chapter 3: Pittsburgh!

So the very next weekend after going to Zion's (now 5 freaking months ago T_T), I packed my bags and flew across the country to visit two of my Besties from High School, Em and Mel.

Super exciting for me because I had not since these girls forever! (And by forever I mean Fall 2009 when Em got married. But still). I had *never* been to visit either of them where they were living, and I had never actually been to Pennsylvania (other than maybe driving through it(?)), so this was an extra exciting trip for me.

When I got there, there were squeals and laughing and smiles and hugs and a bathroom break. Then we started driving around and as I looked out the window I realized how much I miss my East Coast. SO GREEN! The trees were gorgeous. They gave me a brief driving tour/view of the City before we went back to Em's to drop off our stuff.

We hung out for a bit ad watched some GANGLAND (just because). Then when it got a bit later we decided to go get some eats and maybe do some shopp…

A Step Behind...

*chirp chirp*


Sure has been quiet around here! Eesh. July?!

I'm a awful blogger.

But I'll have you know that things are settling down at work, I'm doing more writing, I'm back at it creatively, and thus am now wanting to re-emerge as a budding, young, lovely blogger as well.

I fully intend to recap my ever-so-wonderful and all-too-short summer of 2011 before the year has escaped me! So there! En garde and such!

Upcoming posts to look forward to:
- Summer 2011 (There are 4 more chapters already in draft mode, maybe a 5th if I feel like it)
- Movies! I have seen alot of movies
- Books! I apparently missed a post on books so there's a whole lot of those coming your way! The first one's been done since like May. Seriously.
- I have 9 posts in various stages of draftage. So get ready for some BLOGUNDATION! YEAHHHHH


Summer 2011 - Chapter 2: Zion's National Park

To usher in more of Summer, we decided that we needed that all-important trip to a National Park. Last year I took Turtle to Capital Reef. She had a blast. But she'd always wanted to see Zion.

So this time it was going to happen. Turtle was getting ready to move (more on that in an upcoming post), so we knew this was our only chance. Joshy decided to join us, and we were more than happy to have him along for the ride.

I asked to leave work early as early as possible (to which my boss laughed. Me leave early? HA). My boss was in a strangely good mood and stopped what he was working on and started getting out tour books and maps and telling me all about where we should go in the park (I never even told him that's WHY I wanted to leave early... he got the info through the grapevine). I was super taken aback. Then, even funnier, he went to lunch and when he got back he was like WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! LOL When I asked to leave early I meant like 3pm. Not 11am. Why would I come to w…

Summer 2011 - Chapter 1: Birthday Boy

Part of the reason I have been so lax in my blogging is that it's summer. And I ALWAYS sucks at blogging during summer, because it's awesome outside, so I hate being in my house, which means I can't be bothered to be around typing about all the wonderful things I'm doing! Seriously people! The sun is calling me! I'm really good at blogging in the winter though, as the beginning of this year proved. But I don't like being more than 6 months behind with the events in ye ole life either, so. I'm just going to have to make sacrifices.

Bring on the summer of 2011! WOOO!!!!

First event - my birthday. Well, technically that's in Spring, but whatevs. Last year Turtle rocked the awesome boat with surprise laser tag and werewolves. Rounded with an enchilada party by my former roomie. I had no idea how 2011 was going to shape up. But I wanted something fun, low-key, yummy, and amazing.

So I decided to have a party at Faustina (voted best restaurant of 2010 by me) wit…


Wow, it's taken a while to get going with Movies in 2011. Halfway through I decided to start putting the dates I saw them, so people have a better frame of reference for how soon or (more usually the case) how late I saw them. Anyway, here are the first 17 movies to cross my path in 2011. Enjoy!

Charlie St. Cloud - Grade: B-. I was actually really excited to see this movie, even though it was Efron (not an oogling, drooling fan). The trailers made it look soooo good. The movie itself was alright. I was not super emotionally invested, so it didn't hit me super hard, but it wasn't completely flat either. There were a couple points where I thought they were going to ruin a good story with some crazy Sixth Sense-esque twist. Which would have upset me AND been really cool. Bottom line: it wasn't bad. Not great, but wasn't bad.

The Mothman Prophecies - Grade: C. Wow. This movie was NOT what I was expecting to be at all. I am so glad that my friend A was over to watch with …


Today I am celebrating LIFE.

I found this video on youtube and have watched it 9 times so far. I think it's just gorgeous.

I think it's so cool to see a representation of our Earth in this way. Granted, it ignores alot of the squalor, plight, and tribulation our planet faces, but I think it's a really neat depiction of who we are as a global entity, not countries who disagree and have strife with one another. I think we, and the earth, have so much to offer in our diversity, eclecticism, and natural grace, beauty, and strength.

I found it very interesting to see that there were only 3 brief shots of industrialized countries. I think we too often forget how much more WORLD is out there, that we do not partake of on a regular basis. Today I'm thinking of that and appreciating the nature and beauty that I am surrounded with.

Why don't you take a moment and do the same. Because it's all around you - you just have to remember to look for it.

End of Tuesday

And there's nothing new. So much for my internet-bred promises. *SIGH*


But really... I will blog.

Watch me.

[Title under construction]

Please pardon the dust. Contrary to creeping suspicion, we are open.

Just wanted to drop a note so the silence doesn't kill off my lovely readers (especially the swarm of new kids (welcome!) who have just started following).

NEW POSTS COMING SOON. REAL SOON. (Like hopefully Friday soon. No later than Monday soon). Get excited.

That is all.

On Display (2) - 30 Days, 30 Stories

Remember that one time in 2009 when you all got to see a real-life piece of my writing, because it was being featured on Utah Children's Writers blog for their 30 days, 30 stories project?

Well, the loverly Sarah has coerced (just kidding, love!) me once again into participating.

So, without further adieu, here's my latest insane creation.

True confession of my soul: I only had like 2 hours to work on this, so I don't consider it "polished," nor am I particularly like "Yes, this piece. is. AWESOME." But it is what it is. It's writing, it's from my weird brain, and I hope you like it.



For my Grandfather

Today I wake
Knowing you are gone
Yet always here
In my heart
Which urges sorrow.

But I push past
Time spent
Experience shared
Memory cherished
And Life remembered.

I will mourn
The things lost
Because they will never
Be done by you again.

The buildings no longer repaired,
The poetry not written,
Gospel books never read.

The garden no longer tended,
The places not explored,
Wisdom never shared.

Yet all the while
I will celebrate
The memories
The remembrances
And the mark.

If you break me open
You will see
The impact
The influence
Now cradled
And offered
So others see you still.

You lived so rich and full
So tall and vast
So wise and gentle.

A man of duty, dedication, and commitment
To country,
To faith,
And to family.
None moreso than your dear Lorraine.

The best way I can honor you
Is to make your steps, my steps
Your deeds, my deeds
In essence, your life, my life.

I salute you
And celebrate you
By continuing to be Me,
And in so doing,
Reflecting You.

In you
Of you
Through you
The mark

I Carry
In me

Grace of a Girl - Part 6: Graduation II (The Difference) and Beyond

Part 5.

After the students and staff spoke, it was time for my parents to share their part in what the Graduation program called the "Journey of Vulnerability."

This was really hard for my mom because she's an amiable personality who doesn't like the spotlight. She prefers to not draw attention to herself. But, she said, if my sister can jump off a 4 inch beam to go after her success, then my mom supposed she could speak. Recognizing her nervousness, my sister moved closer and put her arm around my mom in solidarity.

My mom said she was going to read a story, a true story. "A long time ago, there lived a little girl. She had three big brothers, but she longed for a sister-" My mom choked up. My sister whispered some words of support in her ear. My mom continued, "She had friends, but that didn't stop her wishing for a sister." She choked up again, and exclaimed that she couldn't do it, and was once again reassured by my sister. Seeing my Mom…

Grace of a Girl - Part 5: Leap of Faith and Graduation I

Part 4.

[Author's note: Well, this ended up being really long, so a la Harry Potter, I decided to split it up into two posts. Just more for you!]

Two days before my sister graduated, she had a breakdown of sorts. This school didn't make her perfect. But we knew that - and don't expect perfection. We just wanted our sister/daughter back to her loving self. It was time to do school, but my sister felt she needed to prep for graduation, and wanted to get ready. She felt the staff's expectations for her to be prepared were unrealistic. So she was typing... but not doing the scheduled activity. Oops. Staff said go to school or go to regroup. After 40 minutes, they threatened escort. When they tried, my sister wasn't having it. She shoved the staff away. They wrestled, and two of them tried to get her into a hold, but they were newer staff with less experience, and couldn't manage. Finally, they brought in a more experienced staff and he took her to the ground in a cou…

Sticky Note

Sorry readers, I know you are eagerly refreshing your browsers every 30 seconds, hungry for the last installment. It's taking longer than I anticipated and I've had a busy couple of days. Likewise, things are completely up in the air at work... and I've been working hecka extra hours. This week will be no different.

I'll get to it just as soon as I can! Stay tuned!

Tribute to Brian Jacques

Ordinarily I am adverse to more than one post in a day. I don't want readers going "ugh, he posts too much" and to stop reading - be honest. I do this with some blogs I have in my reader. If they are too inundating with posts, and the posts are super uber long, I glance, skim, or skip. And I'd hate for that to happen here.

But I feel in this case it is justified. This post in itself is in many ways belated. It couldn't be helped. This is the first I could get to it.

Brian Jacques died over the weekend of a heart attack. Which is heart-breaking. I literally stopped breathing for a minute when I found out. I'm still not over it and I've known for like four days.

Granted, he wasn't one of my best friends, but he had a large part in my life (well, his books did anyway). I mean, in the time of this blog alone (very short), I read and reviewed 6 of his books (4 here, one here, and one here).

Here's the thing about Jacques: I can't go so far as to say …