Summer 2011 - Chapter 4: Goodbye Turtle :(

Summer 2011 - Chapter 4: Goodbye Turtle :(

First: Apologies, because I am so far behind T_T
Second: Apologies, because there are no pictures to go with this chapter. Turtle and I didn't do anything picture-worthy...

Turtle and I had known this day was coming for a long time, and finally, it had arrived.

Time for Turtle to leave Utah. :(

I don't really remember anything about the drive, other than it being its normal long-ness and listening to music. We made good time though and got in around midnight, where we were greeted by the most annoying bird. EVER. Now, I'm not a huge pet person, but pets that ANNOY are decidedly on the bottom of my list. The stupid thing squawked ALL NIGHT LONG. He would not shut up for one second. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep.

When I'd had enough, I demanded she get up and call her mom to come right then or I was going to kill the thing. We had to finish up The Last Battle before we could start the book she was dying to read. We also camped out in front of her TV because I found episodes of American Ninja Warrior. If you haven't seen that show, you should. It's ridiculous.

Eventually Turtle's mom's friend came over and we went down to the creek to play with some littles. Then we went with her mom to some house where she was dog sitting in Wheatland. I cooked my chicken pillows and asparagus as a "last meal" sort of thing for Turtle. She loves them so much. We chilled for a while after that until the guy got home, then went home and started into the final novel of the DragonLance series. We read late into the night, and the bird (of course) didn't shut up the whole time.

Next morning we got up and continued reading. This was the last book in the series, Turtle had to know how it ended! In the middle of the day we decided to go into town, where we got ice cream and saw Green Lantern (review forthcoming). When we got back to the house, we absolutely bored Turtle's mom to death, because we only wanted to do one thing: read. Well, we had over 400 pages to cover and not much time to do it in!

Monday morning played out much the same, though we did so in the hammock outside this time while her mom lounged in the creek nearby. Then we headed over to her mom's cousin's house (to continue reading *grin*), though we did take a break to visit Joe's Crab Shack in Old Town Sacramento and do some window shopping. Somehow we got convinced that since it was the 4th, we should watch some fireworks. Personally, I could have gone without, but Turtle's mom really wanted to go. So we appeased her and went, and read there, though I was a little shy at first since I was kind of reading in public, and doing character voices is sort of embarrassing to me in a public setting (but I just admitted to all of you that I do them, so the secret is out... eep!). I got over it (I don't know if I'll get over that confession though!). We read and read and read, and pretty much did nothing else the whole 4 days, but we only made it about 3/4ths of the way through. I think when the fireworks were over we had about 200 pages left. I calculated the rate we were reading and suggested we could stay up all night and finish it, but then decided I wouldn't be able to make it. After all, my plane left super early in the morning and right after that I had to be to work. So I nixed it. She would just have to wait a little longer for the epic conclusion.

Next morning early I caught a plane back to SLC and said goodbye (not forever though!) to my Turtle :(

Love her.


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