Remember that one time in 2009 when you all got to see a real-life piece of my writing, because it was being featured on Utah Children's Writers blog for their 30 days, 30 stories project?

Well, the loverly Sarah has coerced (just kidding, love!) me once again into participating.

So, without further adieu, here's my latest insane creation.

True confession of my soul: I only had like 2 hours to work on this, so I don't consider it "polished," nor am I particularly like "Yes, this piece. is. AWESOME." But it is what it is. It's writing, it's from my weird brain, and I hope you like it.



  1. Steven Whibley said...

    Haven't followed the link yet, but about to. Just wanted to say that your profile rocks! That alone makes me want to follow your blog. Well done.  

  2. Rachel McClellan said...

    I loved the pizza story - anytime you can compare life to food, I'm game. The other day I was trying to explain to my husband how the scrambled eggs on my plate resembled my sister's divorce. He just stared at me. But I know you'd understand. :)  

  3. Toyin O. said...

    Thanks for sharing  

  4. Milo James Fowler said...

    I love pizza. Nuff said. Except for: nicely done!  


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