On Display - 30 Days, 30 Stories

Lots of you ask about my writing. Like my real, actually-geared-toward-publication-aka-not-a-spoutoff-or-blog writing. Well, here's your golden opportunity.

Because I'm participating in the Utah Children's Writers 30 Days, 30 Stories Extravaganza. And today just so happens to be my day.

So this is essentially a PB manuscript (500 words) that's geared for audiences 5-8 years old.

Without further adieu, enjoy a snippet of the brilliance that is yours truly. Go have a read.


Candice said…
Umm . . . Amazing!
Bookworm said…
What's the address?
David H. said…

The address is embedded in a link, which happens to be "read" and is the last word in this blog. Just clicky there and you will be whisked away.

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