Birthdays Suck

When you have no friends within a 200mile radius.


Sarah said…
Does that mean that today is your birthday? See, you need to be on facebook. Then you would get a million birthday wishes without having to remind or tell anyone!

Anyway, Happy Birthday! Wish you were here.
Kerry said…
that is just sad.

are you coming to the WIFYR conference this year?
Mrs. Jones said…
But I luv you hon! Happy birthday!!! MUAH!
JackieE said…
Oh! Happy belated! I hope the family at least attempted to make it special. Do you feel older and wiser? I can't help thinking you almost didn't live to see this birthday. I'm still struggling to get over the shock of your accident and your miraculous recovery. May there be many more birthdays to come!
Candice said…
I feel horrible. I missed your birthday and didn't even realize it. I get the whole having no friends around on your birthday. That's been me for the past three years. And its going to happen again cause I'm going to be at home and none of my friends are there. I LOVE YOU!!!

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