Absolving Resolving

So. Now that it's 22 days into January, I'm finally ready to approach January 1st.

And that whole...resolution thing.

Except that I hate it. And will not hesitate to admit that I don't understand what fuels it. Why is the beginning of a new year a time to lift and inspire yourself to do new and incredible things? I'm not trying to be prideful or vain in saying this, but... I usually do that on a daily basis.

I don't find anything particularly thrilling or exhilarating about the little number at the end of the date going up one more (and I'm not trying to be a pessimist about this either; just honest). Ooo! Now I get to write a NINE. I must vow to radically alter my life based on this minuscule-but-so-critically-important difference!

I mean you read what happened at my house on New Year's right? Whoopdela...blah.

So yeah. I don't really make resolutions. Should I resolve to resolve? lol But I want to just absolve my resolve instead and continue being me. What if I just finish my to do list for once in my life? I guess I could force myself to tease all you poor people who want me to join the evil demon possessing your souls...


1. Join Facebook.

e.e I can't believe those words just splattered on my page. Now you are all going to hold me to it too. But will I? Bwahahaha *contemplates erasing this post* Merh.

Even now... I still have 343 more days to torture you.

Anyway, if I had to reminisce about New Year's I'd say the best ones were in High School when we all went to Erin's house and played pool and ate food. Because good times and good friends. I guess part of what I'm really trying to say (if that be anything at all) is that I'm missing some essential part necessary for me to be an addict (read: partaker) of these traditions. Guess I need more friends who are wild New Year's partiers, eh? (read: get wasted?) Something like that. That'll be my next resolution I guess. :P


brittany said…
im pretty excited about the 9. i pretty much suck at writing 8s

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