Say What? Round 3

This... this is just positively too funny to pass up. It must be put here.

Last night my sister and I were chilling and my lil bro was hanging out on the floor. I don't even remember what was going on, though that's prolly because I was on the phone... then all of a sudden my bro just busts out with:

"You know, the bottom of your crutches don't taste very good."

O.O W T H ? ROFL I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard.

What a random 13yr old boy he is. Not even begging the question what would possess anyone to...ew! don't know where those have been!


Mrs. Jones said…
Awesome! LOL

p.s. I got your note yesterday! Love and miss you too!
Allie said…

Hey--thanks for your message yesterday. If you have a library nearby or something, get your bro to pick you up a copy of The Survivor's Club. I read some of it yesterday and it totally helped me get through our little hell.

Basically, it's about what makes some people live and some people die in threatening situations, and it gives like somewhat personal advice on how you personally handle crises. Like, there's a test--I'll see if I can find you a link to it--that lets you see what kind of survivor you are. I'm mostly Thinker, with a little Fighter and Believer. Eh, here:

Anyway. I miss you tons. I love you even more. I believe in you! Hell is an ugly place but there is a door to somewhere else... if we can find it. And hopefully the somewhere else is a little better...
Allie said…
And here: this is a health-crisis thingy from the Survivor's Club website.
Candice said…
haha! Leave it to a boy . . .

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