Happy Grad - Part II (Movie reviews!)

In light of my last post, I thought I would just pour salt on the wounds of my many friends and tell you about some of my freedom over the past few weeks (which will also explain why I haven't been diligently blogging...lol).

I have of late, rediscovered the overwhelming joys of MEDIA (read: books and movies) which I did not have time for in college. Except for the required of course, some of which have remained on my list of excellents. Others however, I burned. Like Watt. Forgive me Samuel Beckett. I just really, really hate you. What an utter waste of paper that book is.

So I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on recent viewings/readings. DISCLAIMER: SPOILER ALERT! If you're planning on reading/seeing any of these in the near future, you may not want to read my opinions...

NOTE: Not going to lie, there are like 5 movies that I adore (and own). And that's all. I am one TOUGH movie critic. And proud of it.

Transformers - Grade: C. I was kind of eh on this one. Some of the filming bugged me and I felt like I couldn't see what was happening half of the time. Although I have to give them credit for not absolutely ruining this, like they did X-men.

- Grade: B+. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this movie. I'd had it on my list forever, and had even actually crossed it off, because I decided I didn't want to see it as much as I thought I did. But it was funny. And cute. And good. And I was reasonably impressed.

The Forgotten - Grade: C-. Eh. This movie was okay, kind of intriguing, but it left way too many unanswered questions and that just bugged me. And the ending was just like, huh? What? Why? How? Boo. I don't like movies that leave me more confused after seeing them than when I started.

War of the Worlds - Grade: C. I just...I'm sorry, I don't like Tom Cruise. He just can't...act. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me? I thought the commentaries/extras were cooler than the movie itself.

The Pacifier - Grade: B. LOL This movie is directed by Adam Shankman, which makes me laugh, because he is on So You Think You Can Dance, and so by default, I love him. The beginning was super cheese, but the rest was actually pretty well done. I was okay with this movie, and did have any complaints that I could remember. Except shouldn't the three-year old have talked more?

Chronicles of Riddick 1, 2, and 3 - Overall Grade: B-. The first Riddick movie is the best one. By far. (The third is the one that was released mainstream in theatres). The second is a half hour cartoon, and it wasn't really that exciting. And the third was kind of meh also, but okay. Except the ending. The ending was LAAAAAME. WAY LAME. I was so upset that they just stopped it. Boo.

Meet the Robinsons
- Grade: A-. This movie was just cute. And funny. And well done. And I'm really glad I saw it, because it was another one I was just going to knock off my list.

Pan’s Labyrinth - Grade: D. The box CLAIMS that this movie belongs "on the same table of High Fantasy as LOTR." My response: No, no, no! Not even close. By a longshot. At all. NO! I again thought the ending was pfhhttt. I absolutely loved that the movie was in spanish and had high hopes all the way to the end. Alas, no. Another thing that bothered me was the senseless violence that was just, unnecessary. This is not Saving Private Ryan, okay?

Stealth - Grade: C. Once again, mediocre movie. I was especially upset about the death of Henry Purcell. It was absurd, and really bad cinema. But Jessica Biel was pretty dang good-looking!

Sky Cap'n and World of Tomorrow
- Grade: C. Again, not impressed. Meggers said this movie was the top of campy cheesy, but I must not be savvy to all that, because I was just middle of the road on this one.

Stomp the Yard - Grade: B+. This movie was another one that exceeded my expectations. I even got emotionally involved, which is a huge must for me to give a movie top ratings. Decent story, decent acting, pretty good movie.

Vantage Point - Grade: C. I had high hopes for this one. They could have done so much more I feel. The plotline was great, but the delivery I think was flawed. On the 7th rewind and start over, I started feeling ripped off and bored.

- Grade: C. This movie was decent. Predictable, but alright. No real complaints, but it wasn't uber gripping exciting/emotional either.

I am Legend - Grade: A-. I had really high hopes for this movie, and for the most part, it delivered. Although I wasn't super okay with the ending. But for the majority, I liked it.

Blackbeard - Grade: D. This is one of those movies that is probably straight to dvd? I dunno. My uncle was watching it, so I did too. It was WAAAAAY too long. By about 3 hours. I was so bored, but engaged just barely enough that I wouldn't walk out of the room. Sigh. I want those 4 hours back.

Next - Grade: C. This movie was so good! Until the end. And then they had to go and screw everything up. BOOOOO. Hated, hated, hated the end. They just... such a great concept, such a great story, then you just throw it all away in the last minutes. *shakes head* Shame.

Kingdom of Heaven
- Grade: A. This is another that's been on my list forever. And it delivered. There were one or two minor things that bugged me (ie, this is supposed to be 1148, no way a woman would be showing that much skin) but other than that, this was a great story, great cinematics (a little bloody for my taste), and with a good ending to boot.

Book reviews in Part III...


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