Some updates:

I have nothing to report from my Sunday School Lesson yesterday. It was a normal class (with misbehaving of course), and we played Hangman again. I started with the phrase "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" just to shove it in the face of the kids who wanted to hang the man... then did my lesson. Was that mean? I enjoyed it. Nothing remarkable happened in sharing time either. We actually had a normal Sunday!

I have a spider living in my sink. It's Turtle's fault that I didn't kill it outright. At first I thought it was just hanging out, but no, it seems to have moved in. Been there for a week, though it does disappear from time to time. He was gone all day yesterday, but he's back this morning. I named him Spork. Do not ask me why... that was just the first word that popped into my brain after I thought to myself, what should I call you? Spork is a weird spider. He doesn't even have a web, just hangs out in my sink...

This past weekend I sang at a Christmas Fair that my Great-aunt Karen and my Great-uncle Gene were hosting. They were providing 16 hours of non-stop live music. So we had 7 or 8 singers/piano players/violinists and we all rotated. I was a soloist singer (though I did have backup singers some of the times).

I sang everything from "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" and "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas" and "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" to "The First Noel" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" and "O, come all ye Faithful." I also sang "Silent Night," "Silver Bells" and "Away in a Manger."

I looked absolutely hot in my gray vest, suspenders and bowtie. My Aunt was like "Did you get that out of your closet? You didn't even go shopping or anything?" Pshaw. Have you seen my closet? This isn't even as dressy as it gets. Anyway I looked amazing.

PS, about two weeks ago I CUT MY HAIR! EEE! First time since MAY (compare my profile pic to these). The lady cut my bangs WAY TOO SHORT and I'm not happy about that, but *le sigh* life will go on.

I'm excited for Christmas now, and couldn't sleep either night after singing because of all the songs in my head.


Candice said…
I have always loved that vest. And it looks muy good with the red bow tie. :P
Randi said…
spork is the perfect name for a spider
Sarah said…
Looking good! You didn't happen to record your singing so that you could post that as well, did you?
SpAz said…
CANDICE: Especially with my orange tie, right? I miss wearing that hot outfit.

RANDI: Thank you for your support of Spork.

SARAH: I did not. Next time I come visit you, just remind me and I will give you an encore!
Allie said…
Hey hottie! Looking good! Awesome about the Christmas soloing. And I love the spider thing... I used to keep spiders as pets when I was a kid, although I think I would have freaked if they ended up in my sink. O.o;;
Allie said…
Oh yeah, I like your haircut. PS.

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