Sunday School Moments - V

Well, the kids certainly made up for the "normalness" last week with the antics of yesterday.

Episode 5: Prophets, Computers, and Jesus, oh my!

So this week I had two visitors, a 10year old, and his 6year old sister. The age range of my class just keeps growing... eee. Anyway, we were talking about Priesthood Preparation (even though I have no boys in my class who are turning 12... they aren't even 11). *shrug*

So I wanted to talk about prophets, the organization of the church, etc. We started out by putting the names of as many prophets as they could think of on the board.

Me: "Good job so far. And who's the current prophet?"

Kid: "Nephi!"

Me: X.x Seriously?

Yes, one of my kids actually said that. Awesome.

Second, I brought Joy to the World because I wanted to use the piece on prophets. I had this big box that we were going to use for a game, and I wouldn't let them look inside it, so one of my more rambunctious girls said, "Fine, then I'm going to look in your bag!" (My Nintendo Bag). I didn't care. She found my battery pack for my computer, and thought it was my ACTUAL Computer! O.O I almost fell out of my chair and couldn't continue the lesson.

Girl: "Look, J, I found his computer!" *pulls out my battery*

Boy: "Whoa, that's cool! It's so small!"

Girl: "I know! We are going to watch the movie on here!"

Girl to me: *waving the battery* "Let's watch the..." *looks at pack* "Dell, right now! This is going to be great!"

I... wow. I have no words. I mean, I know that these are mountain kids who wear cowboy boots with a suit and tie, and only have one school for all 12 grades, but really? You don't know what the difference between a laptop and its battery is? Impressive to say the least.

And finally, when we were in Singing Time, I saw one of my girls sitting in the row in front of me pull out a diary/journal looking thing. She opened it to a page, and though I tried really hard not to invade her privacy, I had to look. On a page colored with a bunch of different colors a la rainbow, these words were scrawled in black crayon:

"Jesus is like Rambo."

L O L. I don't know if she was trying to write "Jesus is like the rainbow... or if she really meant what she wrote. Either way... what I saw = hilarity, and a really interesting, concept. The connotations alone...


Kerry said…
hey! Jesus *is* kind of like Rambo!

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