Happy Grad - Part I

Well, this is looooong overdue, and has been in draft form for about half a month now. Might as well put it down and crank it out for feasting eyes (hey, that's you!). ***DISCLAIMER: If you are currently a poor college student referred to in this post, you may want to wait two weeks to read this, so that you don't... hate me.***

Back in October when I went to visit Utah for my Mission Reunion and Conference, I of course went to visit all the poor children left behind at the B Y of U. As I drove around in my rental car, feeling all executive (cuz that was an amazing ride I was sporting, no? :P) I was enthralled by all the little college kiddies toting their bookbags and riding their bicycles, and I said, "Awwwww..." like they were second graders! Haha, suckers. I am just really grateful that I'm done with that!

Most of my friends are currently in the final crunch before the week of death (read: finals!) and hating life. Not getting enough sleep, super stressed, etc. I have emails from the end of my last semester to Turtle, and oh yes, the stress level and angst (and apathy) was off the charts.

Don't get me wrong, I have twinges of longing like everyone else who has good memories for bygone times. I miss things, but wouldn't go back and change much if I could go back. I loved everything I was doing. But really, now that it's done and gone, I'm so happy to just be free. To not have to manage three clubs, while working, while doing school, while continuing to magnify my calling in church. I was one insane college student, just ask my roommates :D

And let's be honest. Being graduated empowers me to have conversations like this:

Me: "Can I tell you how much I love NOT being a college student?"
Friend: "No!"
Me: "I just finished book 18 of 20 of Brian Jacques' Redwall series and have book 19 in hand,"
Friend: "La la la la la...."
Me: "but first am going to read The City of Ember."
Friend: "I'm not listening..."
Me: "I took a 3 hour nap today and woke up with nothing pressing to do! It's so FREEING *basks*"
Friend: "..."
Me: *hugs* "It's almost done friend."
Friend: *cough* "Avarice!" *cough*
Me: "Just look at it like this - I’m like a messenger from the celestial kingdom"
Friend: *rotf*
Me: "and you are still in the thick of your pitiful mortal existence. Which will soon be brought to an end and then I will joyfully usher you into the realm of your dreams."
Friend: "You sound more like a Greek god."
Me: "Well, yes." *pause* "A greek god from the celestial kingdom. Where did you think they went?"
Friend: "Touche."


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