Sunday School Moments - IV

Class was better this week. More games. More attention-activities. I think we read one scripture (that's pretty much all we tried to do last week...) I had two visitors this week since it was Thanksgiving, and they were way smarter than all my kids. Even knew scripture references! I was pretty impressed. And wondered why my kids weren't at their level... did they learn before I got here?

Episode 4: That's MY Church!

So again, this one is from Primary, not my class. Because this week we talked about Faith, reviewed a bunch of gospel stories, (and some of the kids remembered the lessons/stories we'd talked about! I was proud) and then shared Faith experiences with one another. I even actually felt the Spirit in my class! Yes! Success!

In Primary, the little brothers of the two visitor girls sat next to me, and they were 6 or 7. We were doing a scripture activity for the lesson, and the little man next to me saw the Bible I was holding out for him to use, and the following hilarity ensued.

Kid: "Hey! That says 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!' That's MY Church!

Me: Awesome! That's MY Church too!

Kid: Whoa! You're a visitor here just like me? I thought you went here."

Me: O.o Um. Um. LOL Kid, what do you think this is, some apocalyptic revivalist splinter-fundamentalist Christian church which has sacrilegiously pilfered your Holy Books? And your parents just randomly decided to visit (and bring you along) since you aren't at home? The Church is the same in more than just one building!

I love the innocence/lack of understanding of children sometimes. It's brilliant.


Allie said…
LOL!!! I totally laughed out loud at this (prompting oddlooks galore, I might add). Awesome.

Love you! and miss you :^(
Candice said…
Ummm . . . You're Primary class sounds like its the best thing since sliced bread. I'm kinda jealous. :)
JackieE said…
That is one of the cutest things I've ever heard! I'd love to be in your primary class!

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