True Confessions: 2-5.

"Forgive me Father..."
"...for I have sinned."
And gravely so. True Confession of my soul:

2. I am a closet Geo-Cacher. I love it. Alot. My older Bro got me hooked, and two days ago, I even broke down and bought myself my own GPS. For almost $300. Eee. Merry Christmas to myself?! My Aunt has been helping my habit as well, and now I'm close to catching my brother on finds. And have Travel Bugs of my own to trade. If you don't know what Geo-caching is, you really need to learn.

3. I secretly, against all naysayers, laughers, and people who make fun of me endlessly, <3 Digimon. Like to no end. Like I've watched all the seasons. More than once. Some on YouTube. And that's how I got my start into online Role-Playing Games, which I am still addicted too. My current baby is here. Though, this one I enjoy also, and it needs more players, so if you like to write, join us.

4. I eat at Waffle House. And love the food. I won't touch McD's, but I crave Waffle House. I'm just...complicated, okay?

5. All these confessions were necessary as per my upcoming Travelogue Post...


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