Sunday School Moments - III

Third week of class. Absolute disaster! Both of my boys insisted on misbehaving and playing football with anything they could find, and apparently came with amply filled pockets. To complicate matters, anytime I paid them mind, one girl would race to the chalkboard and stamp handprints all over it. The two usually behaved girls didn't want to pay attention either, just talk to each other. X.x *le sigh* My manual says don't acknowledge minor misbehaving because it will just give it attention and encourage it. But where do I draw the line? The lesson didn't even help. It was on why Moroni wrote on the plates, and left little room for games. The one activity I'd thought of, I didn't have the materials or time to put together. Bad week. But, not without it's shining moment.

Episode 3: God is a sexist

This one actually didn't take place in my class, nor was it one of my students. But it totally still counts, because it's classic. We were in the middle of singing time in the Primary, and since Christmas was just around the corner, it was time to start learning a Christmas song. I disobediently made up actions to the song with one of my students, lol. I really am just a big kid.

Anyway, one of the 7-year olds who has developed a particular attachment to me totally interrupted the song learning to have the following conversation with the Singing Lady.

Boy: "I want to make a complaint!"

S.L.: (a little taken aback) "Uh... okay? What is it?"

Boy: "Why are the angels always girls?"

Me and S.L.: O.o

S.L.: "Angels aren't always girls, there are boy angels too."

Boy: "Nu-uh! Look at 'em, wearing dresses!"

S.L.: "Well, just because they are wearing dresses doesn't mean they are girls. Boy angels can wear dresses too."

Me: O_o WHA?! Lady! Don't teach these kids about cross-dressing! They aren't supposed to know that at least until High School!

Boy: "Look at their hair! Their hair is long! Those are totally girl angels." *crosses his arms*

S.L.: "Just because the two angels I have happen to be girls doesn't mean that ALL angels have to be girls..."

Boy: "Yuh-huh! This is dumb." *pouts*

LOL All I needed was for him to add the words "God is a sexist pig/jerk" and I would have officially fallen out of my chair laughing.


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