Say What? Round 5

This is a double, so it's your lucky day.

We were playing cards yesterday just kinda taking it easy, and my sister decided to tell a story about a girl in her class who got robbed. But these were not your ordinary burglars. They were extra special thieves because they came with an extra u.

Yes, people, these were burgulars. And they were very good at burgularizing, which is just a really amazingly funny word, which we made her repeat over and over mercilessly.

Then my dad trumped this hilarity when he was shuffling the deck, and doing it very slowly by separating the cards into three piles. Why was he doing this?

Because he wanted to be sure and eliminate all the pairs, the triples, and the quadraloopels. Nice Dad, nice.


Megan said…
Burgalurizing IS a funny word!
David H. said…
Indeed it is.

But my sister didn't actually say burgalurizing, she added an extra U.

Burg-U-larizing :)

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