Oh wow. So I am a very, very, very happy boy right now. With no voice.

My absolute #1, top of my itunes, favvvvvvvvorite band ever ever ever ever played Boise tonight and you know I was so right there. Front row, dead center (okay there was one chick in front of me but I was taller than her). I was so close I could reach out and touch the lead singer. And the concert was amazing. Much better than the first time I saw them live. That time I was nowhere near the front.

I sang and screamed, shouted, and had a freaking blast. And now have no voice. :) I even got the mic. TWICE. Because I'm just that fricking cool. I rocked out, head banged, and just had so much fun...I haven't been this happy in ages.

Classic Crime has two albums and one EP, all of which I own, and I love some of their softer stuff (they like to rock HARD live). I knew they were playing something acoustic tonight, so I had a sign ready, and when he got the acoustic guitar, I whipped it out. Lead singer Matt then pretty much paused the concert to have a private conversation with me. He read my sign, then right at me said, "I'd love to play that song. But I don't think we can." I replied (yelling of course), "C'mon! Play it! Please!" Matt: "I don't think my band knows that one." Drummer Skip then chimed in from the back, "What song?" People in the crowd wanted to know too. Matt told them, and I was aghast. Didn't know it? How could you not know it? Then he went on to say, "Do we even play that song?" My answered resounded back, "Hell yes you do! Play it!" Matt: "I'm not even sure we play that one," he said, joking. "But here's one called 'Seattle.'" ... And the concert continued. Sadness abounded from me. But it was drowned quickly since I love Seattle too, and seconds later I was back to rocking out (When I got home from the concert I listened to my favorite song 14 times in a row :D).

So the concert continued, I kept rocking, and head-banging, etc. Good times. After the concert was over, I got to hang out with Matt and he told me that the real reason they wouldn't play it was because they hadn't rehearsed it since they recorded it. Which means more than 6 months without having played it. So he didn't want to play it and have it ruined. He didn't feel that they could do it justice since it had been so long. Sad. But it was a great convo, and trying to talk to him and the other band members was pretty entertaining (on both ends), since I had no voice.

Hanging out and chatting, I totally got a poster autographed by all 5 band members, which is 100% getting framed and going on my wall. I also got my very own Classic Crime t-shirt, so hott.

I was/am super happy.

LOVE them so much. Everyone who doesn't know them needs to go get their music and start listening. Then support them so they can keep being a band. They are ammmmmazing, offering a total range of softer and harder songs, and I <3 them more than any other band out there.

Here is my favorite song which they would not play:

Next time Classic Crime, Next time. I told them to practice on my way out. Next time they must be ready.

I'm going to go to bed now, accompanied by my fave song, by my fave band, on repeat, and dream of the evening's events over and over again all night long.



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