Deviant Age

This post is by no means a complaint. In any way, shape, or form. It's actually more prideful than anything else, but what else is new? :P

So, for years now I have had the excellent fortune to be believed to be younger than I actually am. I have always loved/enjoyed/gloated over this. But recently, my deviant age has reached new heights.


Incident #1: Cascade Public Library
Being that I am now a resident of Idaho, I needed to re-register to vote, which was fine with me (since I moved from a state where my vote didn't count to a state vote didn't count). Anyway, I went to the library to print off the form at the beginning of October. The following conversation ensued:

Me: "Hi, I need to print something real quick. Just one page."
Library Lady: "Okay, that's fine. It's just 15 cents. Do you have a user agreement?"
Me: "Um, no I don't think so. Was I supposed to sign that when I got my library card?"
Library Lady: "No, your parents fill it out."
Me: *really quizzical look*
Library Lady: *catching on* "Wait, how old are you?"
Me: *deadpan* "TWENTY-FIVE."
Library Lady: *attempting badly to hide her astonishment* "Oh. In that case, you don't need one."
Me: "Yeah. *pause* I didn't think so."


Incident #2: Bungle of the Innocent Diner
This morning two guests were having a late breakfast and I was just hanging out behind the counter, and the woman decided to make idle chit-chat with me. The following hilarity ensued:

Lady: "So, do you live nearby?"
Me: "Yes. I live upstairs."
Lady: "Oh, that's quaint."
Me: "Yeah, it's pretty neat."
Lady: "So then you go to school in Cascade?"
Me: *pausing to think* [For those of you who don't know Cascade (which is all of you) it has 997 people. Suuuuuper small. It has one school. Just one. K-12. So clearly she was referring to me being in High School]. "Uh, no."
Lady: *surprised look*
Me: "I just graduated." *long, dramatic pause* "From COLLEGE."
Lady: "Oh!"

Yeah, oh.

When I was 21 and got 18, or when I was 18 and got 16, it was all good. But seriously! These people think I am 7 years younger than I really am.


Again, there is not even a hint of a complaint here. I'm just saying...

...that's pretty freaking ridiculous.

I have the best boyish good looks ever!


Allie said…
LOL, that is totally insane.

I get kind of the same thing, except reverse... Carl thought I was 25, when in fact I was 19. Go figure.

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