Sunday School Moments - II

So, this was the second time I taught my kids. (The week before was Stake Conference, so I didn't teach).

Episode 2: Hang the Man, Prophet Who?, and a Crash!

This week the lesson was on the Jaredites rejecting the prophets, so we recapped the previous week's lesson, and dove right in. The kids did NOT let me down...

One of our activities this week was Hangman, since that was voted by the kids in the questionnaires their fave game we could play in class. I only had 6 kids this week (one had not been there last week, so now I have 8 in all? I think there are actually 9). Anyway, three of the kids played Hangman the right way, but the other three decided to take the title literally. Their goal was not figuring out the word, but hanging the little man. They would guess Z and X on purpose. The best part was when one of them guessed "Q" and it was in the word. I laughed at him. A little. Oops. :P

Anyway, so we were talking about consequences, then I started introducing the people we were going to be talking about, the first of whom was the prophet Ether.

The following exchange occurred between my star student (who answers all questions, knows all the articles of faith by heart, and I thought everything about the BOM. 'parently not), and I.

Her: "Ether?"

Me: "Yes, the prophet."

Her: "How could Ether be a prophet?"

Me: "Because God called him to be one? Don't worry, that's why we're talking about him today."

Her: "Him?"

Me: Did I stutter? "Yes, him."

Her: "But Ether's a girl."

Me: X.x Awesome. "No, that's E*S*ther, not Ether. And she's in the Bible." Which we are not studying. Which we have not been studying. All year.

Her: "Oh."

Yeah, oh. Who teaches these kids before I get them? Even the brilliant ones have to fail sometimes, I guess. *shrug*

Also, the boy who was absent the previous time egged on the other boy, and they paid attention only for 1/4 of the lesson and that was because we were talking about Coriantumr and Shiz slaying millions of people and then each other. They were in their seats even less. They were in the windowsill, on the floor, the new kid even climbed on a stack of nursery chairs. Which promptly tipped over and fell on top of him. And I tried really, really hard not to laugh at him. This time I was successful. Except the part where I'm laughing now, really loud.

I think there may have been one more funny thing, but I forgot, so I'm taking a notebook next week to write it down right after my class, that way we can get the whole replay.

I <3 Kids!


Kerry said…
can't girls be prophets?
SpAz said…
LOL 10 years Kerry.

Candice said…
Oh my freakin' heck! That was the funniest thing I have read in a long time. :)

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